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Wordle Bot--Words Rated Daily

Could Wordle become even more pervasive, more viral., more annoying? Yes indeed. The New York Times, the proud owner of my morning headache, has given me one more reason to reach for the Advil bottle. With Wordle Bot, I can now compare my successes with players from, well I guess from everywhere. And not only... Read more »

I Just Lost in Wordle--Let It Be!

I used to solve the Wordle dailyOn my phone, it seemed easy.But now my joy has ended.Let it be. I would pick the likely lettersAnd make words like “Sprit” and “Spree.”But today I couldn’t get it.Let it be. I felt like a Wordle NinjaMy streak had reached to ninety-three.Until I hit a stumper.Let it be.... Read more »

Can We Use This Word? The New York Times and Wordle Say No But I Say We Must.

A lot of people are unhappy with the New York Times acquiring Wordle, the trendy daily word game. My great ChicagoNow fellow blogger Howard Moore reminds us that this is just a game, and not to get too worked up about how difficult the words seem to have become. I ran into a different issue... Read more »