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I Have A Beatles Dilemma. How About You?

The Beatles in the early days. Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune. Ask me what I think about the Beatles and I will give the standard answer of my generation. They are the greatest band that ever lived, they revolutionized music, they mean the world to me. OK boomer, now ask me which of their songs I... Read more »

Music Trivia Tuesday-What do Neil Young and Neil Diamond Have in Common?

Where did the title to your favorite album or CD comes from? It might be simple, just the name of the artist or band, such as the first album from  Boston. Sometimes a Roman numeral gets appended and you have a Chicago  II or a Led Zeppelin III.  With concept albums, the artist may choose... Read more »

If We Spend It, They Will Come

Get a good job with more pay and you’re O.K. Pink Floyd-1973 I haven’t been this excited about a hole in the ground since I was a kid on Farwell beach with a shovel and pail digging through the sand. Yes, we have broken ground (see below). Phase II has begun! Yesterday Barb met with... Read more »

First "Doctors without Borders", Now "Pathologists without Houses"

All in all it’s just… …another brick in the wall Pink Floyd–1979 WARNING–PARODY ALERT–WARNING–PARODY ALERT–WARNING (The following script for a never recorded television advertisement for “Pathologists without Houses” was discovered in a drainage ditch somewhere in Chicagoland.) Narrator speaking in hushed tones with an upper class British accent: This is a lot in suburban Chicago.... Read more »