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Goodbye to a Fellow Pathologist, and to Mary Dixon Too.

Pathologists don’t retire easily. We tend to age gracefully in place. We may need to adjust our seat height at the microscope to compensate for our compressing spinal columns and it may be a little harder to turn the focusing knobs on those ‘scopes as osteoarthritic changes afflict our joints. But we hang in there,... Read more »

Virtual Prizes for Virtual Contests-White Sox, WXRT and Donald Trump

Feelin’ Groovy! 59th St. Bridge Song Simon and Garfunkle-1966 Remember Sarah Palin’s “Bridge to Nowhere”? It was a convoluted tale that garnered a lot of attention when the Alaska Governor was selected as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential election. Since than Madame Palin has had the career to nowhere, but that is... Read more »