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Who's Your Insurance Guy? A Weekend Ditty!

We're a divided country but can we agree? Insurance is boring, it brings us no glee. So all the big Corps, that offer it to us Must think of new ways, with which they can do us. Those insurance giants, they got so creative. They presented to us, a Neanderthal native. If buying insurance by... Read more »

Have I Found My Missing 1%?

I have mentioned my devotion to Grammarly before. It is an app that lives on my desktop PC, monitoring my spelling and my grammar. It has saved me from dozens of there for their swaps, from hundreds of misplaced commas, and from tens of thousands of mispellings misspellings. Grammarly also uses its Artificial Intelligence brain... Read more »

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, no matter which one you call it, it has probably had some effect on you or your family. As a “bleeding heart liberal,” I applaud the expansion of some sort of insurance coverage to millions of Americans. As a physician, employer and provider of health care insurance for the two... Read more »