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"Hamilton, Tear Down This Wall!"-- Bringing Our Construction Up to Date

Walls have always been big news. From Ronald Reagan’s famous 1987 speech imploring Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall to our current political situation, walls create a barrier and an image. So it is no surprise that we have been using a very critical eye in assessing where the interior walls are to... Read more »

A Progress Report at the Half Way Mark--Will I Get Steamed?

If it takes a year to build a house, then the calendar on the wall tells us we are just about 50% complete. So our glass is both half full and half empty. Let’s take a look at where we are, and where we still need to go. Work on the outer shell of the... Read more »

Home Building; It's Not A Sprint, It's A Marathon

You know where it ends, yo it usually depends on where you start. “What it’s Like”, Everlast, 1998 “Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman, it’s a beautiful afternoon at Riverwoods Park. This is your racetrack announcer Phil Georgeff on the call as the horses come out for the final race, The Empty Nester Derby, a stakes... Read more »

If You are A Parent, or Have Ever Had One--The Forever Plan is for You

And don’t it seem like a long time… …seem like a long time… …seem like a long, long time. Rod Stewart–1971 I am not sure if it quite qualifies as my favorite album, but Mod Rod’s masterpiece is the only recording I have ever bought in both the vinyl and CD versions. The album lays... Read more »

Why You Should Be Reading This Blog

You can check out any time you like… …but you can never leave. The Eagles–1976 Another Newbie Blog on ChicagoNow. What is this one all about? Call it a personal adventure if you like. My wife Barb and I are young (in our own minds) empty nesters, rattling around in a big suburban home with... Read more »