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Our Devil Dogs Did It. The Geese Have Flown.

Our silhouette dogs rest up until next spring. The wind is howling. The rain is slashing down. Lightning and thunder flash and rumble in the distance. The tree leaves seem to be changing from green to yellow to red simultaneously. They fall and block sewer grates, leaving rivulets of rainwater in the street. Almost every... Read more »

Those Darn Geese are Leaving and Other Good News!

I told you about our anti-goose dog silhouette project. Most of you doubted it would work. People regaled me with their own experiences. “The phony dogs won’t keep away the real geese,” our readers honked. But guess what. It has been two weeks now. And our driveway is poop-free (most of the time.) There have... Read more »

Will The Geese Get Gone?

Goose vs Decoy Dog. Who will win? Duck, duck, goose. Five years ago I talked Barb into leaving our home of 25 years and doing a bit of downsizing, shrinking both our square footage and my daily commute. Barb’s biggest must-have was a spot with some visual interest; something like a house on a pond.... Read more »