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A Progress Report at the Half Way Mark--Will I Get Steamed?

If it takes a year to build a house, then the calendar on the wall tells us we are just about 50% complete. So our glass is both half full and half empty. Let’s take a look at where we are, and where we still need to go. Work on the outer shell of the... Read more »

First "Doctors without Borders", Now "Pathologists without Houses"

All in all it’s just… …another brick in the wall Pink Floyd–1979 WARNING–PARODY ALERT–WARNING–PARODY ALERT–WARNING (The following script for a never recorded television advertisement for “Pathologists without Houses” was discovered in a drainage ditch somewhere in Chicagoland.) Narrator speaking in hushed tones with an upper class British accent: This is a lot in suburban Chicago.... Read more »

Why You Should Be Reading This Blog

You can check out any time you like… …but you can never leave. The Eagles–1976 Another Newbie Blog on ChicagoNow. What is this one all about? Call it a personal adventure if you like. My wife Barb and I are young (in our own minds) empty nesters, rattling around in a big suburban home with... Read more »