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COVID-19. A year in the life.

The Corona Virus–one year in. One year. One long, never-ending, never-repeatable year. One year ago I told the story of our shopping trip to Woodman’s, as a maskless, non-socially-distanced, throng filled the aisles and their shopping carts with paper towels and toilet paper and anything else they thought would help them in a long siege.... Read more »

Seinfeld: The Vaccine

Setting: Jerry’s ApartmentJerry: Did you get it?George: I got it.Jerry: Where did you get it?George: I got it in my arm, where do you think I got it!Jerry: No–I mean where did you go to get it?George: I went to the Clinic.Jerry: Oh, the Clinic.George: What’s wrong with going to the Clinic.Jerry: Oh nothing, you... Read more »

COVIDERATA (discovered deep under Stonehenge)

Coviderata Always remember to cover your nose, Or your mask is malarky. You might never again shake someone’s hand, but you may kiss the air around their cheek. George Carlin was half right, those more cautious than you are not maniacs, but those less cautious ARE idiots. Take care in crowded and indoor locations, the person on your... Read more »

Paper Memories of the Week Before COVID-19

This weekend I opened my wallet to hand a $10 bill to Barb and discovered a few folded-up receipts–receipts I had jammed into the wallet as I left each of the last 3 restaurants we had dined in. Each brought back memories of the life that was just beginning to change. The oldest receipt, dated March... Read more »

G Rated Limericks for an X-Rated COVID-19 Time.

    These limericks are all pure. It is the topic that is unfortunately obscene!   Dr. Fauci and Pritzker suggesting That my lab should be doing some testing But we can’t get machines By any old means I’m just worn out from all my requesting! The virtual meetings are endless While on transportation we spend less... Read more »

We Need Good COVID Tests and Testing. A Pathologist's View.

As a long-time practicing pathologist certified by the American Board of Pathology in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology and the current Medical Director of a large physician’s office laboratory, I have been intimately involved in introducing a variety of testing to patients throughout Chicagoland for the last 40 years. Usually, it is a slow, meticulous project. Decisions... Read more »

More Covid-19 Haiku For Today

As we struggle in our second month, the syllable count is not quite as precise as in the first edition. Just as life will never again be as smooth.   SPRING Though April is the cruelest month. We mustn’t become a wasteland Of hollow city streets. VACCINES Hope for tiny pinpricks To keep the viral bits at bay And pray... Read more »