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FACT: I DO Like the Beatles!

The most famous album cover of all time? OK, boomers. I admit it. I blew it. I didn’t exactly diss the Beatles, I just said I couldn’t name a favorite song. Boy, did that piss some of you off! I heard it from old friends, new friends, unaffiliated blog readers, and even my wife Barb,... Read more »

I Have A Beatles Dilemma. How About You?

The Beatles in the early days. Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune. Ask me what I think about the Beatles and I will give the standard answer of my generation. They are the greatest band that ever lived, they revolutionized music, they mean the world to me. OK boomer, now ask me which of their songs I... Read more »

Ten Wet Weather Songs. Do You Know Them All?

It’s another dreary, gray day in January and I am thinking about … rain. I know a Chicago winter should be all about snow, but we have been blessed(?) by warm weather for most of the season, so the precipitation that is popping up in my head is the wet stuff instead of the white... Read more »

My Night with Abbey Road

“Alexa, play Abbey Road.” Yes, the album cover is famous, it’s iconic, it is whatever you want to call it. Jesus-like John Lennon, barefoot (dead?) Paul, and George and Ringo too. How many of your friends and neighbors have used a picture of their family at a crosswalk for their Facebook cover photo or an... Read more »

We Have Wood! Construction Progress

Isn’t it good… …Norwegian wood. The Beatles-1965 Spring is definitely in the air. Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. And a peak over our construction fence lets us know that this is the season for building. In the last week, quite a bit has been accomplished. The concrete foundation has cured, and a layer of... Read more »

Music Trivia Tuesday-What do Neil Young and Neil Diamond Have in Common?

Where did the title to your favorite album or CD comes from? It might be simple, just the name of the artist or band, such as the first album from  Boston. Sometimes a Roman numeral gets appended and you have a Chicago  II or a Led Zeppelin III.  With concept albums, the artist may choose... Read more »

Turning 60 Along With Some Of My Friends

They say it’s your birthday… …it’s my birthday too yea. The Beatles, 1968 This is it. Today I am 60. And no, I don’t feel ancient or even feel senior. I don’t feel creaky, and I don’t feel like I am on the downside of the slope. Personally and professionally, I still feel on top!... Read more »

Home Building; It's Not A Sprint, It's A Marathon

You know where it ends, yo it usually depends on where you start. “What it’s Like”, Everlast, 1998 “Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman, it’s a beautiful afternoon at Riverwoods Park. This is your racetrack announcer Phil Georgeff on the call as the horses come out for the final race, The Empty Nester Derby, a stakes... Read more »

What Looked Like a Step Forward Becomes a Step Back

I’m fixing a hole… …were the rain gets in. The Beatles, 1967 First some clean up from our last blog post. A mea culpa is in order. In this world of instant gratification, I had assumed that since I had ordered my razor blades three weeks ago, they must have arrived already. I assumed that... Read more »