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Am I Cooked? Hot Tea and Other Risks

Oh I like coffee… …and I like tea Blues Traveler–1994 Coffee drinkers are rejoicing. A UN study shows no increased cancer risk for java juicers, no matter how many jolts of Joe you go for in a day. So until the next study comes out disputing these findings –give it a week or two–Starbucks, Dunkin’... Read more »

Ten Good Reason I Donated Blood--Which One Works For You?

Give Blood… …But don’t expect to ever see reward. Pete Townsend-1986 I dropped a pint Tuesday afternoon. 500 ml of rich red A Positive, ready to be tested, packaged, and split off into a variety of components–red blood cells, plasma, platelets. I will barely notice it is gone, but a few strangers will benefit. To... Read more »