Have You Done Your Wordle Yet?

Today’s score–what was yours? It is saturating. I have never been part of a trend that has spread this fast. Forget Ukraine, Voter’s Rights, the Goulding of Aaron Rodgers. This is all anyone wants to talk about. Just give me my Wordle and go away for ten or twenty or thirty minutes. I will let... Read more »

Jeopardy! for the Ages...the Senior Ages!

Barb and I take our birthday cards to each other quite seriously. They are always delivered first thing the morning of the day, and always to the same spot in the house. I leave my card for Barb on the kitchen island next to her beloved iPad, and I know exactly three weeks later I... Read more »

Man-People Take This Music Sh*t Seriously!

So I am a member of a few groups on Facebook. Groups about my old neighborhood, my new neighborhood, my schools, my occupation. And a handful about my love of music. In one of the groups, people tend to ask questions like “name your favorite bass guitarist,” or “name a song with the letter Q... Read more »

My Year Of Magical Running

Relics of running 2002. Exactly twenty years ago. We were still reeling from 9/11. Our soldiers were fighting in Afghanistan, but not yet in Iraq. The world was changing. And a switch flipped inside of me. I became The Running Man. Running was not totally new to me. Either alone or with a couple of... Read more »

I Get To Do This--Thoughts From A Veteran Teacher

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay I rarely have guest bloggers, but an experienced teacher I know sent me this, and in the face of all the hostility between the Chicago Public School System and the Chicago Teacher’s Union I thought I would post it. Full Disclosure for total transparency: The teacher, Laury Wolf, is a veteran... Read more »

A Song, A Memory, A Sad Discovery

“I wonder what happened to Mark.” Barb and I were eating dinner, Pandora music playing on our kitchen speakers. “One For My Baby” began to play. It’s been one of Barb’s favorite songs ever since Bette Midler sang it to Johny Carson on his penultimate night as host of The Tonight Show. But what we... Read more »

The Entertainment Book. Fun in the '80s.

There was a time before the Internet. Before Grub-Hub and Amazon, before Facebook and Tik-Tok. And it was before Groupon, the 2008 Chicago innovation that has had its ups and downs as it pioneered online discount offers. Before all these, it was the time of The Book. I am not talking about the Holy Bible,... Read more »

Holmes is Where the Heart Is

Holmes old and new. After hearing that I had enjoyed watching Benedict Cumberbatch in The Year of the Dog my brother-in-law recommended that I watch Mr. Cumberbatch in the Sherlock TV series. I haven’t checked off that box yet, but the mention did set off memories of Sherlock Holmes, and of one heavyweight book that... Read more »

Our Holiday Verse

A Holiday Greeting, It's meant for the masses, No matter how full, Or how empty your glass is. The year was a weird one With DC insurrection From Big Lie believers And in the end from Joe Manchin. With Covid we battled Through every Greek letter And vaccines J and J-- Moderna - Pfizer did... Read more »

Have I Found My Missing 1%?

I have mentioned my devotion to Grammarly before. It is an app that lives on my desktop PC, monitoring my spelling and my grammar. It has saved me from dozens of there for their swaps, from hundreds of misplaced commas, and from tens of thousands of mispellings misspellings. Grammarly also uses its Artificial Intelligence brain... Read more »