I Will Think About Michael Nesmith Whenever I Remember My Puffy Sleeves Green "Monkees" Shirt.

Michael Nesmith. (Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune) Michael Nesmith has died. Three-quarters of the Monkees have now passed away, leaving Mickey Dolenz as the sole survivor of the TV super-group. And breaking one more of the strands that held our generation together. Did you watch The Monkees religiously, Monday nights on Channel 5? I’m sure in... Read more »

It's Time for Time Travel. Where would you go?

Good news! It is “Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day!” OK, PTBATTD was actually a few days ago, December 8th to be precise. But let’s pretend to travel back to the 8th, and then we can pretend to time travel even more. Is there any spot in your life you would like to travel... Read more »

From 1 to 500. It All Started with Elizabeth Holmes.

Yes, this is the 500th contribution I am making to the pages of ChicagoNow. My blog, first known as “Downside, Maybe” joined the Chicago Tribune network in October of 2015. My first topic? Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. You know, the blonde CEO who is currently on trial in San Jose, California for bamboozling investors and... Read more »

There's A Cream Cheese Shortage in New York City. Will Chicago be Loxed out?

The Lox Tower at Sadelle’s in New York. I did not grow up in a lox-and-bagel family. My mother didn’t serve lox or bagels or cream cheese for Sunday brunch. My many toasted bagels at Ashkenaz, accompanying steaming bowls of kreplach soup, were just spread with butter; once again, no cream cheese or smoked salmon... Read more »

Hey, NPR. You Are Making Me Feel Old!

In July of 1984, I mentioned to a friend that for the first time that I could recall, the number one song on the Billboard charts was something I had never heard. The song was “When Doves Cry” from Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack album. It had totally escaped my ears and for the first time... Read more »

This Is My Favorite Chocolate Treat. What Is Yours?

Cora Lee Orange Peel fulfills childhood memories. You can have your Raisinets. You can have your chocolate-covered strawberries, your chocolate-covered cherries, your chocolate-covered Oreos. For me, there is only one delicacy deserving a thorough coating of rich dark chocolate, the orange peel. I am not sure how I first fell in love with these skinny... Read more »

If All The World's A Stage, What Are Your Theater Memories?

Our Thanksgiving Week Project Taking a few days off from the lab the days before Thanksgiving gave us an extended period to work on our first puzzle of the season. From the three I had recently ordered, I chose “Broadway, The Musicals,” a tapestry of tens (hundreds?) of Broadway shows. The puzzle wasn’t the most... Read more »

There Ought to be Clowns. Goodbye Mr. Sondheim.

Stephen Sondheim–Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune ….well maybe next year. Stephen Sondheim, A Little Night Music In memory of Stephen Sondheim the follow is a post from my original WordPress blog “Downsize, Maybe”, my series detailing building our new home. This was originally published in 2015. With Barb and a friend in  New York City... Read more »

All the Time in the World is Just Not Enough

My Grandfather Clock It is the Saturday morning before the week of Thanksgiving. A pre-winter chill is in the air. We have taken the cushions in from the patio chairs, covered the outdoor tables, and stowed the big umbrellas. The chore completed, we break out the first of a trio of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles... Read more »

Am I A Prostate Guru? Someone Thinks I Am!

As a 12-year-old camper in the summer of 1968, I was my cabin’s nominee for the title of Guru of Camp Chi, 3rd Session. I ran a strong campaign, with a catchy jingle based on “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Sadly I lost in a heated battle with a candidate from another cabin. As was customary way... Read more »