Who's Your Insurance Guy? A Weekend Ditty!

We're a divided country but can we agree? Insurance is boring, it brings us no glee. So all the big Corps, that offer it to us Must think of new ways, with which they can do us. Those insurance giants, they got so creative. They presented to us, a Neanderthal native. If buying insurance by... Read more »

Count Rostov was Right. The Lab is Everything That Has Gone on in the Lab

I have spent my commute for the last month listening to A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. It is a long novel recommended by Barb, detailing the life of Count Rostov, a Russian nobleman, sentenced to house arrest in Moscow’s Metropole Hotel after the Russian Revolution. So far, I’ve covered about 40 years of... Read more »

We Are Going Backwards. Why are We Making Abortions Harder?

Shortly after the news broke about the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that may overturn Roe v Wade, I received a call from a friend. He asked that I tell his story. I agreed to do so and present it to you below, in his words. “It was before 1973 so it was before Roe... Read more »

The Cowboy takes on the Suburban Slicker. Costner vs. Cooper.

I thought I looked pretty good. Last week was National Laboratory Week, and as we do every year during the celebration our lab had various dress-up days: Favorite Sports Team Day, UroPartners Spirit Day, Comfy Clothes Day, etc. During the planning stages, I suggested that we try something new this year, a Dress As Your... Read more »

Wordle Bot--Words Rated Daily

Could Wordle become even more pervasive, more viral., more annoying? Yes indeed. The New York Times, the proud owner of my morning headache, has given me one more reason to reach for the Advil bottle. With Wordle Bot, I can now compare my successes with players from, well I guess from everywhere. And not only... Read more »

I Just Lost in Wordle--Let It Be!

I used to solve the Wordle dailyOn my phone, it seemed easy.But now my joy has ended.Let it be. I would pick the likely lettersAnd make words like “Sprit” and “Spree.”But today I couldn’t get it.Let it be. I felt like a Wordle NinjaMy streak had reached to ninety-three.Until I hit a stumper.Let it be.... Read more »

How Has Your TV Watching Changed Through The Years?

Wednesday night was Barb’s book club night–a return to in-person book chat after pandemic-driven Zoom sessions. With Barb out of the house, I settled into my favorite chair, Cooper at my side, to watch the next few episodes of Slow Horses, my new favorite TV streamer on Apple TV+. After maneuvering the proper remote controls... Read more »

A Prostate Pathologist Pencil Pusher. Making a Better Diagnosis.

Tools of the trade. Using a pencil in the laboratory? Absolutely verboten. If you write down something in the lab, make sure it’s in indelible ink, magic marker, or perhaps blood. Something, anything, that can’t be erased. Does a tech need to make a change in what they see on an instrument printout? Our accreditation... Read more »

I Want to Join a Posse. Got Room for Me on Yellowstone?

My future posse mates? With a confirmed date for retiring from my pathology practice firmly set in crumbling concrete the questions as to what I will do with my time in my post-doc life have become more frequent. My previous post on the topic dealt with the obvious; become a speaker, a pharmacy rep, an... Read more »

My Day At Jeopardy! It Was Long Ago, But Feels Like Yesterday.

Linda, Neil, and I battle it out on Jeopardy! I went on a treasure hunt and struck gold! Or at least a second-place silver. Frequent blog readers know of my past Jeopardy! experience as a contestant in 1988 and how my single videotape of the airing was eviscerated by a hungry VCR machine. I had... Read more »