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Our Holiday Verse

A Holiday Greeting, It's meant for the masses, No matter how full, Or how empty your glass is. The year was a weird one With DC insurrection From Big Lie believers And in the end from Joe Manchin. With Covid we battled Through every Greek letter And vaccines J and J-- Moderna - Pfizer did... Read more »

Have I Found My Missing 1%?

I have mentioned my devotion to Grammarly before. It is an app that lives on my desktop PC, monitoring my spelling and my grammar. It has saved me from dozens of there for their swaps, from hundreds of misplaced commas, and from tens of thousands of mispellings misspellings. Grammarly also uses its Artificial Intelligence brain... Read more »

There's A Cream Cheese Shortage in New York City. Will Chicago be Loxed out?

The Lox Tower at Sadelle’s in New York. I did not grow up in a lox-and-bagel family. My mother didn’t serve lox or bagels or cream cheese for Sunday brunch. My many toasted bagels at Ashkenaz, accompanying steaming bowls of kreplach soup, were just spread with butter; once again, no cream cheese or smoked salmon... Read more »

All the Time in the World is Just Not Enough

My Grandfather Clock It is the Saturday morning before the week of Thanksgiving. A pre-winter chill is in the air. We have taken the cushions in from the patio chairs, covered the outdoor tables, and stowed the big umbrellas. The chore completed, we break out the first of a trio of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles... Read more »

Beauty and Disease. With Addison's Disease, One Call Says It All

Cooper strikes a Valentino pose. The following is a lightly edited transcript of a telephone conversation between Barb and me last week. Or maybe I just imagined it this way… Barb: How are you? Me: (huffing and puffing on an elliptical machine at the fitness center) I’m good. What’s up. Barb: I just wanted to... Read more »

To Write, or Not To Write-Is That the Question?

I was on an early morning walk through the neighborhood, Cooper as always pulling at his leash, sniffing at every signpost, looking out for every one of his girlfriends. We came to an intersection and Coop gave a tug, drawing me across the street to a corner lot where a new pup was romping with... Read more »

How Ba-Ba became Ba-Ba

I recently posted my portrait, drawn by my granddaughter H, as a new cover page on Facebook. After lots of positive feedback, I decided to repost the blog below from 2016. What’s in a name? I blogged a while ago that I have never had a nickname. It is as glaring a deficit in my... Read more »

Have You Said Goodbye to a Forever Home?

The forever home we left 5 years ago. Five years ago this month the trucks rolled up our Long Grove driveway. First came the moving vans, separating our furniture into two collections, one group to be placed in storage while construction of our new home was being completed, the other batch to furnish our temporary... Read more »

For Its Inventor, The Game of Life is over.

The Game of Life-the box top I remember. Pink and blue pegs in a tiny plastic car. A pathway that took you to college and a job. A spinner that made a great, whirring, sound but needed it frequently oiling. Stock and insurance certificates. And $100,000 bills with Art Linkletter’s picture on it. It was... Read more »

Ring-a-Ding-Ding, I Do Hate This Thing!

Our ring, our unwanted alarm clock! The sound of glass breaking. Once, then twice. I roll over, squinting to view the digital clock on my bedside cabinet. 2:37 a.m. I know from experience that no one is breaking one of the glass panels in our paneled front door. I know it is only the Ring... Read more »