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The Michael Collins Almost Made It Award

(© Michael Collins died this week. Michael Collins, the man who came SO close. Michael Collins, Apollo 11’s Third Man. The man circling the moon in his cute little orbiter while Neil (One Giant Step) Armstrong and Edwin (You Can Call Me Buzz) Aldrin got to play on the moon! So close and yet... Read more »

Jeopardy! Needs Me. You just have to let them know.

C’mon people I need your help. I don’t think I can do this without you. LeVar Burton has been added to the list of celebrities who have been, or will be, guest hosts of Jeopardy! How did he get there? A petition with over 240,000 signatures convinced the powers-that-be to give him a shout-out. I... Read more »

This Morning's Drive-Hell Ride at 85

My hands are gripping the steering wheel as if it is the only thing keeping my anchored to the ground. My knuckles are white. I can feel my eye balls bulge; my heart is palpitating in fear. My morning experiment has turned into a joy ride from hell. I have described my drive down the... Read more »

Assault Weapons Jar My Ride

“Lady Bird wanted the highways clear of billboards and junkyards, and filled with green landscaping and wildflowers.” As I accelerate through my twice-daily commute along Interstate 294, I get a sense that Mrs. LBJ wasn’t particularly successful in her drive to beautify America. The billboards she fought against are the mile markers of my journey.... Read more »

It Takes More Than My Microscope For Me To Give You A Diagnosis Of Prostate Cancer

Microscopic appearance of prostate cancer (left) with special stain (right.) When I talk to folks, or blog to you all about making diagnosis, what I usually chat about is the time spent looking down the twin ocular barrels of my Olympus BX43 binocular microscope. After all, that is when my eyes and brain are most... Read more »

Seinfeld: The Vaccine

Setting: Jerry’s ApartmentJerry: Did you get it?George: I got it.Jerry: Where did you get it?George: I got it in my arm, where do you think I got it!Jerry: No–I mean where did you go to get it?George: I went to the Clinic.Jerry: Oh, the Clinic.George: What’s wrong with going to the Clinic.Jerry: Oh nothing, you... Read more »

What Keeps Me Up at Night? Can I Just Get it Through the Door.

Did you know me in the summer and fall of 2005? I was on my way out of Holy Family Medical Center and creating the UroPartners Lab. We were leasing an office suite in a commercial building with the goal of transforming it into a laboratory that would pass muster with the Illinois Department of Public... Read more »

You Go On Trial Today

  You go on trial today. They’ll say you incited Your lawyers will fight it, The riot, disquiet In the city on the hill Your talk was disruptive You always did want this The power, the glory Your own favorite story, your quarry Four more years laudatory We’d all pay the bill You have your... Read more »

Have You Ever Had a Dream Like This? Would it Frighten or Calm You?

The dreams in which I’m dying  are the best I’ve ever had. Roland Orzabal, 19883 It may not have been the best dream I have ever had, but considering the subject matter, it was a strangely calm one. I was in a large building, perhaps a factory, perhaps a school dorm. Somewhere with a large food hall, and... Read more »

He Fooled You Once, Shame on Him. He Fools You Twice? Shame on You.

President Trump told you COVID would be gone by Easter:  HE LIED President Trump told you COVID would be gone by Memorial Day: HE LIED President Trump told you he saved millions of lives from COVID: HE LIED President Trump told you COVID was no worse than the flu: HE LIED President Trump told you... Read more »