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A Prostate Pathologist Pencil Pusher. Making a Better Diagnosis.

Tools of the trade. Using a pencil in the laboratory? Absolutely verboten. If you write down something in the lab, make sure it’s in indelible ink, magic marker, or perhaps blood. Something, anything, that can’t be erased. Does a tech need to make a change in what they see on an instrument printout? Our accreditation... Read more »

We Save Lives (and I Apologize)

Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune Words have an impact. Whether the speaker is a politician, an entertainer, or a blogger, they must think about the words they choose–and choose carefully. I try to do that, but despite my scrupulous care, I made a blunder in my word choices in a previous blog and I want to... Read more »

"Friends" Don't Let Friends Skip Their Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

There has been plenty of talk about the reunion of the Friends cast earlier this month. Maybe you were a fan of the show during its original run and wanted to see how the actors had aged, or maybe you discovered it online and wanted to see something new. In any case, it was good... Read more »

Another PSA for P.S.A.

I had a great time this past weekend. My high school buddies and I took our 16th annual baseball road trip. This year it was Philadelphia’s turn to survive our onslaught. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, miniature golf, batting cages, colonial outfits, and Philly Cheesesteaks were all on the menu, though I gave the last... Read more »

Did a Vegetarian Diet Cure a Prostate Cancer? I Need More Evidence.

“I went on a vegetarian diet and my prostate cancer is gone!” That was the Facebook post in a prostate cancer support group I occasionally follow. My immediate thought? Sorry, but I disagree with you. Based on the evidence you posted with that click-baity headline, I don’t think there has been a miracle cure. You... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid to Call Your Pathologist. It Might Make Both of You Happy!

“Mr. Michaelis wants you to call him,” said KB, my administrative manager. “Who is Mr. Michaelis?” I asked. “He is a patient. He wants to talk to you about a report that…” At this point, most pathologists complexion changes to a deathly pallor. Their heart starts sprinting, a line of sweat breaks out on their... Read more »

Prostate Cancer: Peaking Behind the Pathologist Screen

In the past few days, two members of Chicago media, radio host  Dave Fogel and newscaster Hosea Sanders have shared that they are undergoing prostate surgery for prostate cancer. In both cases the cancers were discovered when abnormal Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA ) blood test results were followed by their doctors finding cancer on subsequent... Read more »