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Who Gets Prostate Cancer? It Could Be You Or Someone You Love

Who gets prostate cancer? Comedy stars get prostate cancer. Generals get prostate cancer. Good Fellas get prostate cancer. Singers get prostate cancer. Presidential candidates get prostate cancer. James Bond gets prostate cancer. Broadway stars get prostate cancer. Mothers of Invention get prostate cancer. My dad got prostate cancer. The famous and the powerful. The funny and... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid to Call Your Pathologist. It Might Make Both of You Happy!

“Mr. Michaelis wants you to call him,” said KB, my administrative manager. “Who is Mr. Michaelis?” I asked. “He is a patient. He wants to talk to you about a report that…” At this point, most pathologists complexion changes to a deathly pallor. Their heart starts sprinting, a line of sweat breaks out on their... Read more »

What Do Autopsies, Prostate Cancer and Carson Pirie Scott Have in Common? Three Awarded Posts in the Last Three Months!

Writing for ChicagoNow is a  lot of fun, and always a challenge. It is a pleasure to have my thoughts and musings share digital space with a wide variety of writing talent. My companions cover topics ranging from sports to politics, from cooking to pets, and from the adventures to the misadventures of life. Each month Matty... Read more »

Prostate Cancer: Peaking Behind the Pathologist Screen

In the past few days, two members of Chicago media, radio host  Dave Fogel and newscaster Hosea Sanders have shared that they are undergoing prostate surgery for prostate cancer. In both cases the cancers were discovered when abnormal Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA ) blood test results were followed by their doctors finding cancer on subsequent... Read more »