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A Prostate Pathologist Pencil Pusher. Making a Better Diagnosis.

Tools of the trade. Using a pencil in the laboratory? Absolutely verboten. If you write down something in the lab, make sure it’s in indelible ink, magic marker, or perhaps blood. Something, anything, that can’t be erased. Does a tech need to make a change in what they see on an instrument printout? Our accreditation... Read more »

We Save Lives (and I Apologize)

Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune Words have an impact. Whether the speaker is a politician, an entertainer, or a blogger, they must think about the words they choose–and choose carefully. I try to do that, but despite my scrupulous care, I made a blunder in my word choices in a previous blog and I want to... Read more »

Pearls for the People From a Prostate Pathologist

A tray of prostate biopsy slides is ready for microscopic review. As my career in pathology heads toward the home stretch, some pearls I have picked up along the way, particularly during the last 17 years as a prostate pathologist. I Can Name That Surgeon in 3 Cores You all know that no two people... Read more »

Am I A Prostate Guru? Someone Thinks I Am!

As a 12-year-old camper in the summer of 1968, I was my cabin’s nominee for the title of Guru of Camp Chi, 3rd Session. I ran a strong campaign, with a catchy jingle based on “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Sadly I lost in a heated battle with a candidate from another cabin. As was customary way... Read more »

Every Paper Clip Is Another Life Changed

Each clip=one prostate cancer case. A small cylindrical plastic container sits on the desk behind me. I am not sure what it originally contained but now it is filled with paper clips. A quick glance tells me it must have a couple of hundred clips inside it, and every day I add a few more.... Read more »

Prostate Cancer Doesn't Stop

Microscopic image of invasive prostate cancer. Another telephone call. Another new diagnosis of prostate cancer. I see so many cases of prostate cancer each day, but some are more personal to me than others. This time the worried young man on the phone is a friend, and he is indeed young. Carefully followed because his... Read more »

"Friends" Don't Let Friends Skip Their Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

There has been plenty of talk about the reunion of the Friends cast earlier this month. Maybe you were a fan of the show during its original run and wanted to see how the actors had aged, or maybe you discovered it online and wanted to see something new. In any case, it was good... Read more »

Another PSA for P.S.A.

I had a great time this past weekend. My high school buddies and I took our 16th annual baseball road trip. This year it was Philadelphia’s turn to survive our onslaught. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, miniature golf, batting cages, colonial outfits, and Philly Cheesesteaks were all on the menu, though I gave the last... Read more »

Did a Vegetarian Diet Cure a Prostate Cancer? I Need More Evidence.

“I went on a vegetarian diet and my prostate cancer is gone!” That was the Facebook post in a prostate cancer support group I occasionally follow. My immediate thought? Sorry, but I disagree with you. Based on the evidence you posted with that click-baity headline, I don’t think there has been a miracle cure. You... Read more »

Are 400,000 Men Enough to Prove a PSA Point?

I BELIEVE that men between the age of 55 and 80 benefit from an annual blood test for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) to evaluate for the possibility that they have prostate cancer. I BELIEVE that the mixed messages for and against PSA screening from various panels, experts, and government agencies have resulted in confusion, lower... Read more »