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You Go On Trial Today

  You go on trial today. They’ll say you incited Your lawyers will fight it, The riot, disquiet In the city on the hill Your talk was disruptive You always did want this The power, the glory Your own favorite story, your quarry Four more years laudatory We’d all pay the bill You have your... Read more »

This Blog Has Decided to Dump the Trump

Businesses everywhere are untying themselves from Donald Trump. From  Twitter to the PGA to Deutsche Bank, Trump is out. To quote Gail Collins in the New York Times, “you get the impression a lot of people are just rooting through their offices, trying to find some minor Trump connection they could announce they’re severing.” So let... Read more »

Democracy in Action--Small Town Style

If all politics are local, our small suburban village proved last night, that tricky as it may be, it still works. State law requires that municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants establish a caucus system for picking candidates to run for elected positions such as mayor or trustee. Both in 2018 and this year, I... Read more »

Kamala Harris-I Got it Wrong and I Apologize

It was almost exactly one year ago. Pre-COVID, Pre-Amy Coney Barrett. Pre-IT WAS RIGGED (not.) The battle for the presidential nomination of the Democrat Party was in full swing and in honor of an upcoming candidate debate I posted a clever little verse called The Primary Shuffle. Aping the rhyme and rhythm of The Superbowl Shuffle (will we ever get... Read more »

'Twas Two Days After Polling

‘Twas two days after polling, and all through the US The country was waiting, an election to bless; The ballots were endless and counting was slow, With hopes for a victor before there was snow; The pundits both writing or those talking heads; Repeating over and over what the others had said; My wife in the kitchen, my daughter on the phone, Were both getting weary... Read more »

Trump Supporters: Drop and Give Me 10...if you can!

To my friends, former friends, frenemies, colleagues, and the voting public at large: Just give me 10. 10 things that Donald Trump has accomplished in just under 4 years as President. Not four things you like about him. I don’t care that you think he says what he means, or that he doesn’t take any BS.... Read more »

Trump Endorses Universal Health Care Plan

Satire “I want to get for you what I got and I’m going to make it free. You’re not going to pay for it. ” With those words in yesterday’s Twitter video, President Donald Trump tacked a new direction as he at last revealed his health plan for America.  Mitch McConnell, in a follow-up interview, confirmed... Read more »

The Car Wreck That Was Last Tuesday's Debate

I have been conflicted. Should I post about last Tuesday’s debate between President Trump and Vice-President Biden, or should I let more informed and more politically savvy writers carry the load? Barb was surprised that I didn’t have my two cents in print yesterday, and I am still not sure what I can say today. Barb... Read more »

The Shumer-McConnell Telephone Call I Would Like To Hear

The phone call I would love to hear… Hello Mitch, did I wake you? Not at all Chuck. You know we are up at the crack of dawn here in Kentucky. Mountain men! How is the lad from New York doing today? Just fine Mitch, but I  have to ask you. Are you going to go... Read more »

In Surprise Move, Trump Nominates Self for Supreme Court Justice

SATIRE Washington, DC Acting just hours after the death of the beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Trump indicated that he would submit his own name to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as her replacement. In a rambling statement on the White House lawn, and responding to questions by reporters, Trump stated “I had... Read more »