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FACT: I DO Like the Beatles!

The most famous album cover of all time? OK, boomers. I admit it. I blew it. I didn’t exactly diss the Beatles, I just said I couldn’t name a favorite song. Boy, did that piss some of you off! I heard it from old friends, new friends, unaffiliated blog readers, and even my wife Barb,... Read more »

I Have A Beatles Dilemma. How About You?

The Beatles in the early days. Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune. Ask me what I think about the Beatles and I will give the standard answer of my generation. They are the greatest band that ever lived, they revolutionized music, they mean the world to me. OK boomer, now ask me which of their songs I... Read more »

Should I Try To Win Tickets to a Genesis Concert?

Genesis. Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune The DJ’s on WXRT are super-excited. The station is giving away tickets to see Genesis perform at the United Center in November. Call In To Win! Should I make that call? So many thoughts come to mind, so many questions. First, as I have said before, I am not particularly... Read more »

Musical Questions for the Boomer Generation. What is your answer to #2?

  When COVID and politics get to be too much, I turn to a Facebook Group “I Love the 60’s and 70’s Music.” It’s filled with lots of music videos that I don’t vid, and queries as to who was the third drummer on the fourth album by Purple Fudge, but browsing through the postings... Read more »

Boomer Rock and Roll Trivia -- Can YOU Answer the Question of the Day?

It’s Sunday. No politics for me today. A long time ago, i.e. before Covid, I could get my dose of rock’n’roll trivia listening to and participating in the “Three for Free” audio quiz from Lin Brehmer and Mary Dixon in the pre-dawn hours on WXRT. Those challenges are gone, with Mary now on WBEZ, and our best... Read more »

Some Songs of Chicago-The City, Not The Band

It’s getting old. We haven’t left the Chicago area since February–and no plans to go anywhere. So Chicago songs are in my head. I was going to list ten of them, but in the great Chicago tradition, my late grandmother voted for an eleventh. So in no particular order, here are The Les is More Sounds... Read more »

A List to Make You Cringe. There are No Winners Here.

Pedophilia. A criminal act that I do not endorse and not a usual blog topic. But sometimes my postings are born of strange circumstances. This is one of them. And here is how it came about. In a group email, Michael, a West Coast friend of mine whose business card reads “film critic, journalist, instructor” chided me about... Read more »

For What It's Worth-Revisited

In the 1960s we had protest songs. We had Dylan, we had McGuire, we had Country Joe. Pete Seeger was temporarily banned for Big Muddy and Roger Daltry stuttered to his generation. And we had Buffalo Springfield. Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, et al, asking what it was all worth. The harrowing lyric “Step out... Read more »

Ten Wet Weather Songs. Do You Know Them All?

It’s another dreary, gray day in January and I am thinking about … rain. I know a Chicago winter should be all about snow, but we have been blessed(?) by warm weather for most of the season, so the precipitation that is popping up in my head is the wet stuff instead of the white... Read more »

My Night with Abbey Road

“Alexa, play Abbey Road.” Yes, the album cover is famous, it’s iconic, it is whatever you want to call it. Jesus-like John Lennon, barefoot (dead?) Paul, and George and Ringo too. How many of your friends and neighbors have used a picture of their family at a crosswalk for their Facebook cover photo or an... Read more »