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Who Gets Prostate Cancer? It Could Be You Or Someone You Love

Who gets prostate cancer? Comedy stars get prostate cancer. Generals get prostate cancer. Good Fellas get prostate cancer. Singers get prostate cancer. Presidential candidates get prostate cancer. James Bond gets prostate cancer. Broadway stars get prostate cancer. Mothers of Invention get prostate cancer. My dad got prostate cancer. The famous and the powerful. The funny and... Read more »

Your Doctor Hates the Electronic Health Record. I Love it.

We have all had the experience. We go to our doctor for an annual physical, or to work out some specific problem, and they spend most of the time reading their laptop or typing data into it. Personal contact and face-to-face time feel smothered by the need to enter all your information to be stored... Read more »

What Do Autopsies, Prostate Cancer and Carson Pirie Scott Have in Common? Three Awarded Posts in the Last Three Months!

Writing for ChicagoNow is a  lot of fun, and always a challenge. It is a pleasure to have my thoughts and musings share digital space with a wide variety of writing talent. My companions cover topics ranging from sports to politics, from cooking to pets, and from the adventures to the misadventures of life. Each month Matty... Read more »

Your Biopsy Lives On-What Happens After the Diagnosis is Made

So we have made your diagnosis. Hopefully, your biopsy was benign, but what if it was malignant? What happens next? What does a lab do with any leftover bits of your tissue?  What happens to the glass slides we looked at under the microscope to make the diagnosis? While I will use the prostate biopsies... Read more »

Having Fun Re-Examining Flossing, and Seven Other Health Care Rules

Might be movin’ to Montana soon Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Frank Zappa —  1973 I can now admit it. I am a crappy dental flosser. I have carried the excuse that vigorous flossing either inflames mouth sores I already have, or aggravates my tendency towards getting them. While that... Read more »

"But Doctor, How Do You Know that is MY Biopsy?" -- Maintaining Patient Identification.

    It ain’t me babe     No, no, no, it ain’t me babe. Bob Dylan, 1964 Get the right diagnosis to the right patient. That is the mantra of any good laboratory. No institution does it exactly the same way, but linking each specimen received to the patient it came from is an essential part... Read more »

When It Hurts to Say I Told You So: Advanced Prostate Cancer Cases on the Rise

Diagnose a patient’s prostate cancer in its earliest stages and you have a great chance of curing it. Starting in the early 1990’s, that was the philosophy behind Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood testing in men. It wasn’t a perfect test, and many men with increased PSA proved not to have cancer when their prostates... Read more »

Reading a Prostate Biopsy-Inside the Mind of a Pathologist

West Suburban Chicago 6 a.m. “Let’s see, how many prostate cases do we have today. Looks like I get nine. Better get started now before the phones start ringing and before the lab techs start popping their heads in. And oh yeah, I will have urine cytology slides and FISH heading my way. “Too deathly... Read more »

Am I Cooked? Hot Tea and Other Risks

Oh I like coffee… …and I like tea Blues Traveler–1994 Coffee drinkers are rejoicing. A UN study shows no increased cancer risk for java juicers, no matter how many jolts of Joe you go for in a day. So until the next study comes out disputing these findings –give it a week or two–Starbucks, Dunkin’... Read more »

How Your Doctor Will Get Paid--Should You Care?

Meeska Mooska Mouseketeer… …Mouse Cartoon Time Now is Here. The Original Mickey Mouse Club Yes, I had a crush on Annette. What baby boomer guy didn’t? That Meeska-Mooska chant was burned into my brain at an early age. And singing our adaptation of the Mickey Mouse Closing Theme (now it’s time, to say good night)... Read more »