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Happy Anniversary To Our Home On The Pond

Three years ago today, January 17, 2017, we moved into our new home. Our financing was going to blow up after the 17th, so that was the deadline we set for the builder. Get us in by that date OR ELSE. They hustled the last few details, got us a temporary occupancy permit from the village... Read more »

Five Things We Have Learned About New Home Construction

If you build it… …they will come. It has been fifteen months since we started this project.From an idea, to an empty lot, then a plan. The excitement of a hole in the ground, and finally a real structure. We have walls and ceilings. We have plumbing pipe and electrical conduit, insulation and dry wall.... Read more »

"Hamilton, Tear Down This Wall!"-- Bringing Our Construction Up to Date

Walls have always been big news. From Ronald Reagan’s famous 1987 speech imploring Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall to our current political situation, walls create a barrier and an image. So it is no surprise that we have been using a very critical eye in assessing where the interior walls are to... Read more »

Cole Porter and Suburbia--A Great American Weekend

Just slippin on by on LSD Alliota Haynes and Jeremiah- 1971 Yes, I know. I swore I would not go near the Taste. I documented my reasons, and I swear by every one of them, even though Whitney from SpotHero did give me some parking alternatives. What I had neglected to take into consideration was... Read more »

A Progress Report at the Half Way Mark--Will I Get Steamed?

If it takes a year to build a house, then the calendar on the wall tells us we are just about 50% complete. So our glass is both half full and half empty. Let’s take a look at where we are, and where we still need to go. Work on the outer shell of the... Read more »

Pleasant Under Glass

Look through any window yeah… …what do you see? The Hollies, 1966 We turned a home building corner yesterday, or more precisely, the carpenters built one. Actually, they have now built all the corners. The house framing is complete. Every nook and cranny, every niche and recess, is in place. The carpentry crew is moving... Read more »

Inspired by Budweiser, I Rechristen our New House

By now, everyone with a TV or Internet connection has heard about Budweiser’s new summer marketing plan. Instead of being labelled Budweiser, cans and bottles of brew will have the familiar Bud script replaced with “America”. The labels will also be festooned with patriotic slogans.  “E Pluribus Unum” on the package instead of “Profits Sent to the European Multi-National... Read more »

George Lucas-I've Got Your Museum Right Here!

If you build it… …he will come. Field of Dreams-1989 April showers have hopefully faded away. The Cubs and Sox are both in first place. Cinco De Mayo is here. And we are making progress on the house! With carpenters working overtime (but not violating the neighborhood construction restrictions!) the framing and roof construction are... Read more »

It's a Puzzlement--Putting the Pieces Together When Building a House

Oh the games people play now… …every night and every day now. Joe South, 1968 Got your Rubik’s Cube handy? You know, that multicolored puzzle cube from the 1970’s made of smaller blocks that twist and turn, billions of possibilities but only one correct solution. It was designed by Hungarian Erno Rubik, and has been... Read more »

We Have Wood! Construction Progress

Isn’t it good… …Norwegian wood. The Beatles-1965 Spring is definitely in the air. Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. And a peak over our construction fence lets us know that this is the season for building. In the last week, quite a bit has been accomplished. The concrete foundation has cured, and a layer of... Read more »