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I Know What's In The Vaccine. It Is Hundreds Of Years of Progress.

Dr. Edward Jenner performing his first vaccination against smallpox on James Phipps, May 14, 1796, oil on canvas by Ernest Board.Credit…DEA Picture Library/Getty Images There is a lengthy meme circulating on Facebook that begins “I’m vaccinated and, no, I don’t know what’s in it.” I’m vaccinated as well, and I want to tell you that... Read more »

"Friends" Don't Let Friends Skip Their Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

There has been plenty of talk about the reunion of the Friends cast earlier this month. Maybe you were a fan of the show during its original run and wanted to see how the actors had aged, or maybe you discovered it online and wanted to see something new. In any case, it was good... Read more »

The Good Die Young, but Memories Can Linger

An apres-tennis beverage with Julie Those of you who are long-time readers may recall that a few years I disengaged from a recreational tennis league with a less than glowing review for some of the players. If I had been giving a Yelp! review it might have read “1 Star — a hard bunch to... Read more »

Has There Been a Pathologist in YOUR Life?

Tools of the trade. There are about 21,000 pathologists in the USA. That’s not a lot. And we are a pretty quiet bunch, even though some of us blog, a few of us tweet, and a handful probably Tik Tok and Instagram. Quincy M.E. may have been our show but that ended close to 40... Read more »

Six Vaccinations to try your Patience

I’m not an ant-vaxxerI agree with all my mightThat getting stuck, like a sitting duck,Is the way to do things right. But in the last six months it seemsMy arms are getting sieve-ySo many holes, that bless my soulMy favorite drug’s Aleve-y. It started with the shingles shotsA pair I’d heard were scaryIt would burn... Read more »

My Mercy Memories--Not All Were Sweet

Mercy Medical Center filed for bankruptcy yesterday. That’s a pity for the neighborhood, losing a source of medical services in an area that lacks sufficient resources. For me, it unlocks memories from almost 45 years ago, when I had more hair, less belly, and a whole lot of medicine still to learn. In the summer... Read more »

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

  This indecision’s bugging me…The Clash I am standing at the service line, watching as my partner ranges to his right to go after a passing shot that has whizzed past my feebly outstretched racket. It is the first night of my tennis league, my indoor tennis league, and Month 6 of Life During COVID. And I... Read more »

An Anti-Vax Facebook Post Drives Me Crazy--Here Is Why

Damn, it looks scary. The anti-vax Facebook post shows a baby doll with  20 or so needles sticking out of its arms and legs. Listed below the picture are 26 toxins, antibiotics,  pesticides, and other chemicals that are said to be ingredients of the vaccinations your child should receive by the time they are six years old.... Read more »

We Need Good COVID Tests and Testing. A Pathologist's View.

As a long-time practicing pathologist certified by the American Board of Pathology in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology and the current Medical Director of a large physician’s office laboratory, I have been intimately involved in introducing a variety of testing to patients throughout Chicagoland for the last 40 years. Usually, it is a slow, meticulous project. Decisions... Read more »

More Covid-19 Haiku For Today

As we struggle in our second month, the syllable count is not quite as precise as in the first edition. Just as life will never again be as smooth.   SPRING Though April is the cruelest month. We mustn’t become a wasteland Of hollow city streets. VACCINES Hope for tiny pinpricks To keep the viral bits at bay And pray... Read more »