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Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline Added to National Recording Registry. Are You as Happy as Barb?

Barb fell in love in an instant. Before she crushed on Kevin Costner, before she swooned for Bradley Cooper, hell–before she married me, there was Neil.  Neil Leslie Diamond: Grammy Award winner, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2011, Kennedy Center Honoree, movie star actor, and writer and performer of the song Sweet... Read more »

Felicity Huffman Charged in Cheating Scandal and My Heart Breaks

Yeah, sure, my kids grew up with “Full House.”Jessie, Danny, the Olson twins, Aunt Becky, and all the rest. So let my kids worry about Lori Laughlin as she and her husband get charged in the college admissions scandal. But it isn’t Lori’s lost innocence that I will be mourning. I just have one question.... Read more »

Is Curiosity Worth Losing a Job Over? Lessons from the Jessie Smollett Affair.

The news stories and TV broadcasts say “Northwestern Medical Center fires dozens of employees for seeking to access Jessie Smollett’s health care record.” What’s that all about? Medical records are meant to be confidential. Every doctor, dentist, mental health professional and more have you sign a form outlining the organization’s policy on privacy and how... Read more »

SPIDER-MAN, Green Day, and Alex Trebek. It's All Here Today.

Yesterday my iPhone decided to take control of Turn-Back-Thursday by putting my playlist into New York City, 2010. Broadway to be precise. Show tunes from that year replaced the Stones, Bruce, and The Who as the soundtrack of my late morning workout. But those shows had a definite connection to rock’n’roll. First came the song... Read more »

Do Cyndi Lauper, Ray Liotta or Jennifer Garner Get the Job Done?

“Hi, I’m just a guy  named Ray Liotta and I don’t smoke anymore, thanks to Chantix.” There is nothing new about celebrity product endorsements. Back in the 50’s Ronald Reagan shilled for Chesterfield cigarettes while Rock Hudson was a Camels type of guy. Star athletes can make millions from the what they wear, from the... Read more »

The Green Book and Mudbound: Two Movies of Black and White

Holiday Season is Viewing Season too, and Barb and I have used the extra free time to watch a pair of movies. We saw The Green Book at the theater as part of dinner and a movie night with friends, and Mudbound at home on the evening of Christmas Day after sending the family packing... Read more »

10 Reasons Why I'll Host Them Damn Oscars!

Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: I hear the Oscar Awards are coming up pretty soon. And I hear you are having trouble getting yourselves a host for the broadcast. The Kevin Hart thing didn’t work out too well. Neither Johny Carson nor Bob Hope is around to bail you out. Well, February... Read more »

Mrs. Maisel Is Streaming Again and You Should Be Watching!

It has been a year since I offered all of you the Christmas present of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And thank you Amazon Prime for bringing us this year’s gift of Season 2. The story of the early 60’s Midge Maisel, struggling to survive as a mother, ex-wife, and stand-up comedian is back with 10... Read more »

10 Movie Quotes I Never Need to Hear Again, With a Bonus Number 11

With the election and all of its rhetoric heating up, I know I need to take a step back and cool off. We are a nation of pop culture. There are symphonies, but I don’t know many people who go to them. There are lectures on serious subjects, but I don’t know many people who... Read more »

The Wendie Malick Effect. Is It Synchronicity?

Tuesday morning. Hear the Elle King song “Shame.” Try to remember which former “Saturday Night Live” cast member is her father, David Spade or Rob Schneider. Look up David Spade online and start reading about his 1990’s sitcom “Just Shoot Me.” See the cast list of Spade, George Segal, Laura San Giacomo, and Wendie Malick.... Read more »