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This is Us Worms into My Brain...and It Is Spooky.

I must be channeling This is Us. I don’t know why. Yes, I watch all the episodes. But no, I have not shed a single tear over the Pearson family tragedies. And Barb and I nearly came to blows over my dismissal of last week’s episode. After six years of being ignored, we were suddenly... Read more »

My Day At Jeopardy! It Was Long Ago, But Feels Like Yesterday.

Linda, Neil, and I battle it out on Jeopardy! I went on a treasure hunt and struck gold! Or at least a second-place silver. Frequent blog readers know of my past Jeopardy! experience as a contestant in 1988 and how my single videotape of the airing was eviscerated by a hungry VCR machine. I had... Read more »

Man-People Take This Music Sh*t Seriously!

So I am a member of a few groups on Facebook. Groups about my old neighborhood, my new neighborhood, my schools, my occupation. And a handful about my love of music. In one of the groups, people tend to ask questions like “name your favorite bass guitarist,” or “name a song with the letter Q... Read more »

Holmes is Where the Heart Is

Holmes old and new. After hearing that I had enjoyed watching Benedict Cumberbatch in The Year of the Dog my brother-in-law recommended that I watch Mr. Cumberbatch in the Sherlock TV series. I haven’t checked off that box yet, but the mention did set off memories of Sherlock Holmes, and of one heavyweight book that... Read more »

If All The World's A Stage, What Are Your Theater Memories?

Our Thanksgiving Week Project Taking a few days off from the lab the days before Thanksgiving gave us an extended period to work on our first puzzle of the season. From the three I had recently ordered, I chose “Broadway, The Musicals,” a tapestry of tens (hundreds?) of Broadway shows. The puzzle wasn’t the most... Read more »

We Will Miss You, Alex

            RIP Alex Trebek. Below is a repost of my blog from 2018, before we knew of Mr. Trebek’s illness.   There have only been two hosts of Jeopardy! that mattered. Art Fleming gave the answers on most of the original run, and Alex Trebek has been the man behind the podium... Read more »

Did Hugh Downs Make Me What I Am Today?

My boyhood TV hero died this week. You probably think I am talking about Carl Reiner, who passed away June 29th. After all, Reiner created The Dick Van Dyke Show, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. But as a pre-school kid, I just knew the faces in front of the camera, and Mr. Reiner’s... Read more »

A Puzzling Broadway Puzzle--Help Us Please!

Friends, Readers, and Countrymen, I need your help! Like many of you, Barb and I have been looking for indoor entertainment during this long semi-lockdown. Early on, I reported on our jigsaw puzzle near-success (no, we still haven’t received the replacement for the missing piece). We were itching for the opportunity to do another puzzle... Read more »

Every Dysfunctional Family Is Dysfunctional In Its Own Way. Ozark's Byrdes vs Offspring's Proudmans

Like most of you, our Netflix account has been getting a workout. After our home-cooked dinner is enjoyed, after our dishes are put away and the kitchen is gleaming, and after our Sudoku-Crossword hour has come and gone, it is binge time. Our usual pattern is to watch a pair of shows, something dramatic followed... Read more »

The Good or the Bad--Beatles or Broadway. A Choose Your Own Adventure. Part 2

Best Songs by the Solo Beatles, or Worst Theater Experiences. You Make the Choice. I wrote about my favorite theater experiences long ago. But sometimes writing “Best Of” lists get boring. Sometimes I’ve got to let the other flag fly. Can I remember my 10 worst theater experiences? Here’s a shot at it. ((Confession: although... Read more »