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You Are Batty If You Don't Get Vaccinated

A rabid bat. Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune. Did you read the news story? Earlier this month, an 87-year-old man in from Spring Grove died from rabies right here in Lake County. How did this happen? He had been bitten by a bat. The bat was trapped and tested; the testing confirming the bat was infected... Read more »

Six Vaccinations to try your Patience

I’m not an ant-vaxxerI agree with all my mightThat getting stuck, like a sitting duck,Is the way to do things right. But in the last six months it seemsMy arms are getting sieve-ySo many holes, that bless my soulMy favorite drug’s Aleve-y. It started with the shingles shotsA pair I’d heard were scaryIt would burn... Read more »

An Anti-Vax Facebook Post Drives Me Crazy--Here Is Why

Damn, it looks scary. The anti-vax Facebook post shows a baby doll with  20 or so needles sticking out of its arms and legs. Listed below the picture are 26 toxins, antibiotics,  pesticides, and other chemicals that are said to be ingredients of the vaccinations your child should receive by the time they are six years old.... Read more »