This is Us Worms into My Brain...and It Is Spooky.

I must be channeling This is Us. I don’t know why.

Yes, I watch all the episodes. But no, I have not shed a single tear over the Pearson family tragedies. And Barb and I nearly came to blows over my dismissal of last week’s episode. After six years of being ignored, we were suddenly supposed to care about Miguel? I didn’t get it.

So as we sat through last night’s episode (only interrupted once by Cooper’s need to get out of the house) I had my attention split between the show and a leftover crossword puzzle from the weekend Trib.

When I looked up at the screen I wondered why a past son-in-law and a past not-quite-daughter-in-law were part of the family gathering. I laughed at the last-minute arrival of Kate, now an international tycoon.

And then there was the train. As Rebecca in her fugue state was led from car to car, I kept thinking back to Snowpiercer, Bong Joon Ho’s futuristic masterpiece about a train hurtling around the earth, its occupants the only survivors in a frozen world. You never knew what would be in the next car, only that death was the ultimate destination. Did Rebecca have Rip Wheeler drive her to the station…

So with my obvious lack of appreciation for six seasons of This is Us, why do I feel that it must have been reaching across the ether to tap into my brain? A strange thing happened yesterday evening. When doing the dishes and making my lunch for the next day, I often as Alexa to play some music. I usually request something from the classic rock oeuvre (Bruce, U2, Steely Dan, et al.), but last night I inexplicably called for Joni Mitchell. Ever obedient Alexa came through with Joni classics “Freeman in Paris, Help Me, and The Circle Game. And those of you who watched This is Us know where this is going.

Halfway through the Pearson’s goodbyes to Rebecca, they leaf through a box of LPs. The camera focuses on Joni’s Clouds album. And the sounds of The Circle Game fill the air.

Call it synchronicity. Call it an amazing coincidence. Call it witchcraft. I just know it has me spooked. I may not care much for This is Us, but I sure am going to watch next week’s final episode. I think Rebecca is calling my name.

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