The Cowboy takes on the Suburban Slicker. Costner vs. Cooper.

I thought I looked pretty good.

Last week was National Laboratory Week, and as we do every year during the celebration our lab had various dress-up days: Favorite Sports Team Day, UroPartners Spirit Day, Comfy Clothes Day, etc.

During the planning stages, I suggested that we try something new this year, a Dress As Your Favorite TV or Movie Character Day. I suggested it– and promptly forgot about it.

Last Wednesday, one of my lab colleagues asked what TV star I would be dressing up as for Friday’s Favorite Character Day. After taking in my blank stare, she reminded me that I was the one who had suggested the day, so surely I had something special planned!

What to do? What to do? As I flicked through my mental Rolodex of popular TV shows, I stumbled across one of our current faves, Yellowstone. And didn’t I still have that cowboy hat, a souvenir from a week at a Colorado dude ranch, tucked away somewhere? I could become John Dutton, aka Kevin Costner, the series anti-hero.

That evening Barb and I researched online images of Kevin Costner (something Barb is wont to do in her free time anyway) and decided the Yellowstone character’s most iconic look would be worn-out blue jeans, a blue chambray shirt, and a dark vest. Plus the cowboy hat and one bit of flair–cool sunglasses.

Since I had the jeans, hat, and shades, Barb’s assignment for Thursday was to find the perfect shirt and vest, cheap. She hit the right stores (Nordstrom’s Off the Rack, Target, Kohls,) face timing me from each location for my approval of the clothes on hand. When we put the ensemble together that night we knew we had nailed it.

Friday at the lab was a lot of fun. Our laboratorians showed a lot of creativity. We had a Gossip Girl and Arthur the Aardvark. There was Jake from State Farm and Rizzo from Grease’s Pink Ladies. We even had a fully costumed Ghostbusters Ghost. My John Dutton fit in just fine with some fans of the show even correctly guessed who I was supposed to be.

And then I went and posted a photo on Facebook. I got a smattering of Likes with a few comments, Most of the comments were positive, although one friend guessed I was impersonating Ken “Hawk” Harrelson of former White Sox broadcast fame. No way do I look like that…

So I was feeling swell, at least until Barb posted a pic of our Labradoodle Cooper in his new rain slicker, and said to me “I’m getting hundreds of Likes on the Cooper pic. People are asking where I bought the raincoat. I think the Coop should be a spokesperson for the brand.”

Kevin–we’ve been one-upped by a pooch. But at least we’ve got cool sunglasses.

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