How To Tell When Dogs or Cats Don't Like You

Cats and dogs.

Barb showed me a video on Facebook the other day that gives you hints on how to tell that your dog doesn’t like you. The video discusses tips such as if the dog growls at you, the dog won’t let you touch it, or the dog doesn’t look you in the eye, you probably are not the pooch’s favorite person.

It was all straightforward, and with each passing enumeration, Barb and I were able to say “That’s not us. Cooper still likes us.”

But I got to thinking–how can you tell if a cat doesn’t like you? So having lived with felines since I was 8 years old, I feel qualified to share the following list with all of you.

How To Tell That Your Cat Doesn’t Like You

  • If your cat doesn’t look at you–he may not like you.
  • If your cat looks at you for more than 3 seconds–she probably doesn’t like you.
  • If you haven’t cleaned the litter box in a couple of days–she might poop in your bed to show she doesn’t like you.
  • If he doesn’t like the fresh litter in his box–he might pee on the dog’s bed to show he doesn’t like any of you.
  • If your cat purrs when you hold her–it’s only a trick to make you think she likes you so you feel compelled to feed her.
  • If your cat comes when you call her name–it is really a dog wearing a cat costume.*
  • If you only own one cat–he doesn’t like you.
  • If you own more than one cat–at least half of them, and most likely all of them, don’t like you.
  • If you fill the cat’s water bowl–she will drink from the toilet to prove her disdain for you.
  • While you are cleaning the vomited fur ball of your bed in the middle of the night–the cat doesn’t like you for waking him up.

Cats are cats. So if it is unconditional love you are looking for, a cat might not be your best bet. Have you considered a pet iguana?

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*Note: this one doesn’t apply to us since after 12 years we still have not named our current cat. Any suggestions?

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