I Just Lost in Wordle--Let It Be!

I used to solve the Wordle daily
On my phone, it seemed easy.
But now my joy has ended.
Let it be.

I would pick the likely letters
And make words like “Sprit” and “Spree.”
But today I couldn’t get it.
Let it be.

I felt like a Wordle Ninja
My streak had reached to ninety-three.
Until I hit a stumper.
Let it be.

Today the panic rose within me
As just three letters turned to green
And that was on my sixth try
Let it be.

Yesterday I was an All-Star
“Flair” in TWO, I said with glee.
But today I chucked up.
Let it be.

Some people post their score on Facebook
I did it too, but just rarely.
I’m done with Wordle boasting.
Let it be.

I’ll still read my daily paper
The Tribune and the NYT.
But Wordle thrill is fading.
Let it be.

So I’m back now to the crosswords
With my pen and cup of tea.
Wordle made my heart break,
Let it be.


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