Our Holiday Verse

A Holiday Greeting,
It's meant for the masses,
No matter how full,
Or how empty your glass is.

The year was a weird one
With DC insurrection
From Big Lie believers
And in the end from Joe Manchin.

With Covid we battled
Through every Greek letter
And vaccines J and J--
Moderna - Pfizer did better.

We boosted when able
Though we formed a greater schism
'Tween the vaxers and those 
Who feared the jabs caused magnetism.

At times we were joyful,
We thought our lives would recover
And we travelled a great distance.
To see a spouse, child, or lover.

But flying's a hassle,
The skies sometimes unpleasant
Unless you're first class or private,
And not in coach like a peasant.

We went out to the movies,
Or at least some of us tried to
Most found Prime, Netflix or Hulu,
The theaters we were confined to.

We had an Atlanta World Series, 
And a Super Bowl for Tom Brady.
The Summer Olympics were delayed
And not terribly paradey.

And with Omicron sweeping
This month to remember
Some leagues are postponing
Their games in December.

There's now a new worry
That is raising its head.
Prices are rising,
Inflation, it's said.

The costs they are higher
On cars new and used.
On gas and on beef steaks
And the Fed seems confused.

But a New Year is coming.
We hope life will be brighter.
So all raise your glasses,
And say "Cheers" with this writer.


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