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You Are Batty If You Don't Get Vaccinated

A rabid bat. Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune. Did you read the news story? Earlier this month, an 87-year-old man in from Spring Grove died from rabies right here in Lake County. How did this happen? He had been bitten by a bat. The bat was trapped and tested; the testing confirming the bat was infected... Read more »

Five Things Worse Than Going To The Dentist

#5 Waiting in a TSA line at O’Hare Airport #4 Being woken up by the dog at 2:30 am #3 Deciphering Medicare enrollment #2 Buying a car #1 GETTING A PHONE UPGRADE Yesterday was the day. Verizon’s offer on discounts for trading in older iPhones for the new iPhone 13 models ends at the end... Read more »

Have You Said Goodbye to a Forever Home?

The forever home we left 5 years ago. Five years ago this month the trucks rolled up our Long Grove driveway. First came the moving vans, separating our furniture into two collections, one group to be placed in storage while construction of our new home was being completed, the other batch to furnish our temporary... Read more »

For Its Inventor, The Game of Life is over.

The Game of Life-the box top I remember. Pink and blue pegs in a tiny plastic car. A pathway that took you to college and a job. A spinner that made a great, whirring, sound but needed it frequently oiling. Stock and insurance certificates. And $100,000 bills with Art Linkletter’s picture on it. It was... Read more »

Ring-a-Ding-Ding, I Do Hate This Thing!

Our ring, our unwanted alarm clock! The sound of glass breaking. Once, then twice. I roll over, squinting to view the digital clock on my bedside cabinet. 2:37 a.m. I know from experience that no one is breaking one of the glass panels in our paneled front door. I know it is only the Ring... Read more »

I Know What's In The Vaccine. It Is Hundreds Of Years of Progress.

Dr. Edward Jenner performing his first vaccination against smallpox on James Phipps, May 14, 1796, oil on canvas by Ernest Board.Credit…DEA Picture Library/Getty Images There is a lengthy meme circulating on Facebook that begins “I’m vaccinated and, no, I don’t know what’s in it.” I’m vaccinated as well, and I want to tell you that... Read more »