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Prostate Cancer Doesn't Stop

Microscopic image of invasive prostate cancer. Another telephone call. Another new diagnosis of prostate cancer. I see so many cases of prostate cancer each day, but some are more personal to me than others. This time the worried young man on the phone is a friend, and he is indeed young. Carefully followed because his... Read more »

Answer: Me. Question: Who Should Be the Next Jeopardy! Host?

My first game show appearance (1971) Photo courtesy Sullivan Navillus OK readers. You knew this blog was coming. You knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. My life’s goal is once again obtainable, and you knew I was going to speak out–or at least write about it. What am I talking about? Of course,... Read more »

The Drake Wedding Rap

Give me a beat, boys! I read the story, ‘cause it’s in the newspaper About a building up for sale, no it’s not a skyscraper. Yeah the Drake Hotel, it’s at the edge of downtown Is on the trading block, it’s got Barb and me down. The Drake is where we married in the distant... Read more »

Those Darn Geese are Leaving and Other Good News!

I told you about our anti-goose dog silhouette project. Most of you doubted it would work. People regaled me with their own experiences. “The phony dogs won’t keep away the real geese,” our readers honked. But guess what. It has been two weeks now. And our driveway is poop-free (most of the time.) There have... Read more »