Branson, Bezos, and I are Flying High

Fly me to the moon,
I want to join that great space race,
And since I’m not a billionaire
I’ll do it all with grace.
In other words, shoot me high.
In other words, let me fly.

Branson has the early lead
Jeff Bezos comes on strong
Where are Cook and Zuckerberg?
I guess it won’t be long.
In other words, it’s July.
In other words, earth good-bye.

Who cares what it costs
It’s only money after all,
Those guys have a ton of it.
Enough for the long haul.
In other words, satisfy.
In other words, don’t justify.

Soaring through the air
It really seems like so much fun.
Who cares what we leave behind
We’re heading for the sun.
In other words, I’m the guy.
In other words, let me try.

Fly me to the moon,
I think there’s just one hitch
I get really motion sick.
And altitudes a bitch.
In other words, with a sigh.
In other words, I won’t try.

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