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Will The Geese Get Gone?

Goose vs Decoy Dog. Who will win? Duck, duck, goose. Five years ago I talked Barb into leaving our home of 25 years and doing a bit of downsizing, shrinking both our square footage and my daily commute. Barb’s biggest must-have was a spot with some visual interest; something like a house on a pond.... Read more »

No Points For You! The People Have Spoken.

You may recall my previous post asking whether I should have claimed Frequent Dining Points for a meal that I did not pay for. The responses have come in by the pasta bowl full. And your opinion is a decisive “NO.” To recap, we were invited by visiting out-of-town friends to dinner at one of... Read more »

This Dining Dilemma Points To You. What would you do?

Wildfire, Lincolnshire. The place where it happened! You have helped me negotiate modern ethics before. You all gave me permission to accept a prize for being a top fundraiser for the annual SEABlue Prostate Awareness run*. Barb appreciates the very high-powered cordless electric broom. So I am hoping you all can help me out one... Read more »

Branson, Bezos, and I are Flying High

Fly me to the moon,I want to join that great space race,And since I’m not a billionaireI’ll do it all with grace.In other words, shoot me high.In other words, let me fly. Branson has the early leadJeff Bezos comes on strongWhere are Cook and Zuckerberg?I guess it won’t be long.In other words, it’s July.In other... Read more »

FACT: I DO Like the Beatles!

The most famous album cover of all time? OK, boomers. I admit it. I blew it. I didn’t exactly diss the Beatles, I just said I couldn’t name a favorite song. Boy, did that piss some of you off! I heard it from old friends, new friends, unaffiliated blog readers, and even my wife Barb,... Read more »

I Have A Beatles Dilemma. How About You?

The Beatles in the early days. Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune. Ask me what I think about the Beatles and I will give the standard answer of my generation. They are the greatest band that ever lived, they revolutionized music, they mean the world to me. OK boomer, now ask me which of their songs I... Read more »

Tribune, Won't You Make Me, Your New Columnist (with apologies to Janis Joplin)

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” Tribune, won’t you make me Your new columnist. The old ones are quitting Or getting dismissed. I’ll write for a dollar You’ve got a tight fist. Tribune, won’t you make me Your new columnist. Tribune, won’t you put me Up on Page Two John Kass used... Read more »

Do You Remember These Chicago Name Changes?DuSable Drive will be just one more.

Chicago Name Changes. Photos Courtesy of Chicago Tribune My family always called it the Outer Drive. As a five-year-old, I remember the traffic jam around the S-curve as my uncle swore his way to Hyde Park for a Passover Seder as the Palmolive Building beacon glowed on us. Aliotta, Haynes, Jeremiah romanticized it and immortalized... Read more »