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Every Bike Has a Story. What is Yours?

My first bicycle had two bald tires and one training wheel. Carlotta, our socialite neighbor, discovered it abandoned on Columbia Beach in Rogers Park and presented it to me as a special treat. I was a four-year-old tow-headed kid and it made my summer. I’ve had about half a dozen bikes since that very first... Read more »

Write Something Nice Day -- Here's to you, Barb.

No, it isn’t Barb’s birthday or our anniversary. No special day in our relationship of 44 years. It just felt like a “Write Something Nice About Somebody Day,” and who better for me to write about than the person I know the best? So here are 10 great things about Barb, in no particular order:... Read more »

"Friends" Don't Let Friends Skip Their Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

There has been plenty of talk about the reunion of the Friends cast earlier this month. Maybe you were a fan of the show during its original run and wanted to see how the actors had aged, or maybe you discovered it online and wanted to see something new. In any case, it was good... Read more »

Two Mind-Bending Treats. No Drugs Involved

Anthony Hopkins in “The Father” and Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait Hallways expanding and contracting. Time looping back on itself, forward then back, the forward again. Faces changing, personalities slipping in the blink of an eye. Cicadas chirping as they cover a screen. Barb and I weren’t chewing on gummies or ingesting magic mushrooms this... Read more »

Have you eaten at a place like Hilda's Hot Dogs?

It wasn’t a Rogers Park dive bar, just a dive. A counter with four bar stools. Five tiny tables lined up against the sidewall. A sizzling griddle for the burgers, a deep, oil-filled, bubbling, fry vat, and hot water to boil the hot dogs. A soda fountain and not much else. Behind it all was... Read more »

This Doodle's A Lover, Not A Fighter

Cooper is drooping. I’m a labradoodle and folks call me Cooper. I’m eight months old give or take a few, Sir. I like my friends, how I like to kick it At doggie day care, that’s my Monday ticket. With Emma down the block I can strut my stuff She’s a hot little doodle, I... Read more »

The Good Die Young, but Memories Can Linger

An apres-tennis beverage with Julie Those of you who are long-time readers may recall that a few years I disengaged from a recreational tennis league with a less than glowing review for some of the players. If I had been giving a Yelp! review it might have read “1 Star — a hard bunch to... Read more »