This Blog Has Decided to Dump the Trump

Photoe Courtesy Chicago Tribune

Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune

Businesses everywhere are untying themselves from Donald Trump. From  Twitter to the PGA to Deutsche Bank, Trump is out. To quote Gail Collins in the New York Times, “you get the impression a lot of people are just rooting through their offices, trying to find some minor Trump connection they could announce they’re severing.”

So let me get off the Trumpapalooza bandwagon too. “What?” you say. “You are a left-wing libber. You were never a Trump follower, contributor, or voter. What bandwagon were you ever on?”

Let me explain. As for so many in the media (am I really in the media?) many of my best-read blogs were devoted to the President. When no one else wanted a job in his administration I asked (tongue firmly in cheek) for a Cabinet position. I suggested (tongue even more firmly in cheek that Ivanka hire Barb as her personal designer. And after months of my harmless joshing, when Trump tried to drive a stake through Obamacare I wrote that it was time to repeal and replace the Donald. That proved to be the most widely read blog I have ever written.

I have written less about Trump through the succeeding years. What, after all, is the point of preaching to the choir. You, my favorite reader, already know how I feel about our leader, and most of you feel the same way. I doubt if I have changed one mind, though perhaps I have gotten a laugh or two from some of you.

And so, with one week left in the quagmire of Trumpolitik, I pledge to never again write about Donald, Ivanka, Melania, Rudy, or even Mike Pence. I promise if the name Jared appears it will be in a blog about the former Subway Guy. I give my word that there will be no talk in this blog about the 25th Amendment.

Believe me, from now on, all my blogs will be just perfect. Would I lie to you?

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