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The Key to the Past

Yesterday morning I felt something crunchy in the pocket of my blue jeans. I reached in expecting to find a crumpled receipt but instead pulled out the key to our safe deposit box in its cardboard envelope. What the heck was the valuable key doing there? Weeks ago we had been applying for Barb’s pension... Read more »

Have You Ever Had a Dream Like This? Would it Frighten or Calm You?

The dreams in which I’m dying  are the best I’ve ever had. Roland Orzabal, 19883 It may not have been the best dream I have ever had, but considering the subject matter, it was a strangely calm one. I was in a large building, perhaps a factory, perhaps a school dorm. Somewhere with a large food hall, and... Read more »

This Blog Has Decided to Dump the Trump

Businesses everywhere are untying themselves from Donald Trump. From  Twitter to the PGA to Deutsche Bank, Trump is out. To quote Gail Collins in the New York Times, “you get the impression a lot of people are just rooting through their offices, trying to find some minor Trump connection they could announce they’re severing.” So let... Read more »