'Twas Two Days After Polling

Tight elections are nothing new!

Tight elections are nothing new!

‘Twas two days after polling, and all through the US
The country was waiting, an election to bless;
The ballots were endless and counting was slow,
With hopes for a victor before there was snow;
The pundits both writing or those talking heads;
Repeating over and over what the others had said;
My wife in the kitchen, my daughter on the phone,
Were both getting weary from all this unknown,
The President had claimed on the very first night,
That he was the winner, but that was not right.
Even Fox News wasn’t quite that hardy,
Advising he wait before a celebration party.
The pollsters were saying they hadn’t quite blown it,
But they weren’t really sure, if only we’d known it.

Now the headlines are saying there are six more states,
Upon whose numbers the result still awaits,
“Now, Nevada! now, Alaska! now North Carolina!
On, ‘Zona! on, Georgia! on, Pennasylvina!
Give us some results, we all need to hear!
We hope when you’re done it will all be so clear!”
Then the lawsuits will come and accusations will fly,
With more fireworks than the 4th of July;
So up to the Supremes the challenges may go
And we will see how the Court feels about Joe.
Or if for the Donald their loyalties lie
And a judgement for him they decide to apply.
It’s a crazy old system we have in this land,
To try to determine who gets to command.
The millions of dollars on attack TV ads,
Just make us feel angry and the candidates look bad.
Hope we figure it out before New Year’s Eve,
Then we can happily watch two-oh-two-oh leave;

Or by the time that you read this, results all may be here.
And I will end this poem on a note of good cheer.
Keep your head up, keep a smile in your eyes.
Whoever it is, who wins the big prize!

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