Pledges Made, Pledges Kept. How Many Did You Agree With?

pledgesThree years ago I blogged about a pledge from Volvo, the Swedish auto manufacturer, that by this very year, 2020, no one would die in a new Volvo automobile. A Google search this morning failed to turn up any evidence that Volvo is still making that brag, even in this pandemic world of fewer drivers, fewer miles, and fewer accidents. I can’t find any evidence that there has been a fatality in a 2020 Volvo and death rate data takes years to compile but I am hoping, fingers crossed, that Volvo has been successful.

In that blog, way back three years ago (who remembers 2017?) I asked other entities to make pledges for 2020. And now it is time to see the results…


  1. Pledge Request: The airline industry will promise to utilize artificial intelligence to devise a system in which no passenger traveling from Chicago, Illinois to Fairbanks, Alaska gets routed through Miami, Florida. Result:  The airlines did us one better. They made sure almost no one would want to fly at all.
  2. Pledge Request: The recording industry will pledge that I recognize at least one song nominated for the Record of the Year Grammy. Result: Nope, though the nominated songs for this year aren’t out yet, I struck out on last year’s list. No surprise.
  3. Pledge Request: The Sox, Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks will each pledge not to be in Year 1 of a 5 Year Rebuilding Plan. Result: All was good in White Sox Land until Tony LaRussa came along. As for the rest? Why bother.
  4. Pledge Request: While the airlines are making pledges, how about a guarantee that there are no bumped passengers hauled off a plane by air marshalls, or better yet, no bumped passengers at all? Result: Who could have predicted hauling off passengers for their lack of mask etiquette?
  5. Pledge Request: The Democratic Party will pledge to have a viable Presidential Candidate. (I know this one is a b-i-g stretch!) Result: We did it! We did it! We did it!
  6. Pledge Request: Progressive Insurance and Toyota will pledge to swap Flo and Jan for a month. Just because it would be fun. Result: Flo is still hawking policies and Jan is still peddling cars–even in a pandemic, some things never change.
  7. Pledge Request: Brian Urlacher will promise to readopt the shaved head look so we can get rid of all the awful hair growth billboards along I-294. Result: Not as many billboards–perhaps as a result of Urlacher’s political views?
  8. Pledge Request: NBC will pledge that “Chicago Streets and Sanitation” will be the last show in it’s “Chicago” pantheon, and will return the streets of Chicago to the residents of Chicago. Result: NBC reportedly interested in giving “Chicago Pol”, a Lightfoot/Pritzker production, a weekly primetime slot.
  9. Pledge Request: Wisconsin will pledge no new shootings by 8-year-olds legally licensed to carry a weapon. Result:  Wisconsin decides to import its underage shooters from Illinois.
  10. Pledge Request: Chip and Joanna, Jonathan and Drew, and all those House Hunters will promise to take a year-long sabbatical so my TV sets can take an HGTV sabbatical too! Result: Magnolia Network anyone?

So only the Democrats lived up to my pledge request–but that was a big one. What pledges do we want for two years from now? And what will come true?

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