Kamala Harris-I Got it Wrong and I Apologize

Kamala Harris spells out the future. Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Kamala Harris spells out the future. Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune

It was almost exactly one year ago. Pre-COVID, Pre-Amy Coney Barrett. Pre-IT WAS RIGGED (not.)

The battle for the presidential nomination of the Democrat Party was in full swing and in honor of an upcoming candidate debate I posted a clever little verse called The Primary ShuffleAping the rhyme and rhythm of The Superbowl Shuffle (will we ever get beyond the 85 Bears?) it presented the candidates in all their glory. I highly recommend it!

Poll leaders Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg each earned individual stanzas. The rest of the pack–the followers–were jammed into two densely packed verses. No one had much hope for those runner-up type candidates, the Amys, the Mikes, the Corys, and the Camillas.

Hold on, wait, time out!! Camilla? Why did I include Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the royal partner of someday maybe King of England Prince Charles? Was she even eligible to run for president? I am sure Donald Trump would have had a field day asking for a birth certificate to prove she was American born.

But no–the Camilla I was referring to in that long-ago post was KAMALA Harris, who at that time was Senator from California and is currently, while still a Senator, the Vice-President Elect of the United States of America.

Yup-I blew it with the name. I didn’t do enough fact-checking. And my failsafe Grammarly spell-check didn’t recognize the error (probably because I didn’t include Ms. Harris’s last name.) And not a single reader notified me of my mistake. I had buried Camilla (sic) and her slim chance to win the nomination so far down in the rap that most likely no one read that far!

So my apologies Kamala. In the last year, you have demonstrated resilience and grace. We have forgiven you for being a little rough on Good-Ole Joe in some of the earlier debates. We have danced and sang in the streets to celebrate your landslide (306) victory. You are a role-model, a glass-ceiling smasher, and a highway to the future.

But it is too bad you will never get to be the Queen of England!

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