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The Headline I Never Thought I Would Write-We Have a Puppy!

I can’t say I was totally blindsided. I told you a few months ago that this might, might, might occur. But now it is real. It has happened. We are once again, now and forevermore, dog people. When we left that cat shelter this past summer, our thoughts of adopting an older cat dashed, Barb had plenty of... Read more »

I Got The Could It Be Covid Blues

  My skin has sure been an itching My nose runs down to my shoes My stomach has taking up bitching I got the Could It Be Covid? Blues. Mama just keeps on sniffing She’s testing the smell of her booze She might as well just go fishing She got the Could It Be Covid?... Read more »

Kamala Harris-I Got it Wrong and I Apologize

It was almost exactly one year ago. Pre-COVID, Pre-Amy Coney Barrett. Pre-IT WAS RIGGED (not.) The battle for the presidential nomination of the Democrat Party was in full swing and in honor of an upcoming candidate debate I posted a clever little verse called The Primary Shuffle. Aping the rhyme and rhythm of The Superbowl Shuffle (will we ever get... Read more »

He Fooled You Once, Shame on Him. He Fools You Twice? Shame on You.

President Trump told you COVID would be gone by Easter:  HE LIED President Trump told you COVID would be gone by Memorial Day: HE LIED President Trump told you he saved millions of lives from COVID: HE LIED President Trump told you COVID was no worse than the flu: HE LIED President Trump told you... Read more »

Pledges Made, Pledges Kept. How Many Did You Agree With?

Three years ago I blogged about a pledge from Volvo, the Swedish auto manufacturer, that by this very year, 2020, no one would die in a new Volvo automobile. A Google search this morning failed to turn up any evidence that Volvo is still making that brag, even in this pandemic world of fewer drivers, fewer miles, and... Read more »

We Will Miss You, Alex

            RIP Alex Trebek. Below is a repost of my blog from 2018, before we knew of Mr. Trebek’s illness.   There have only been two hosts of Jeopardy! that mattered. Art Fleming gave the answers on most of the original run, and Alex Trebek has been the man behind the podium... Read more »

'Twas Two Days After Polling

‘Twas two days after polling, and all through the US The country was waiting, an election to bless; The ballots were endless and counting was slow, With hopes for a victor before there was snow; The pundits both writing or those talking heads; Repeating over and over what the others had said; My wife in the kitchen, my daughter on the phone, Were both getting weary... Read more »