Trump Supporters: Drop and Give Me 10...if you can!

Can you tell me 10 things Trump and Pence have accomplished? Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune.

Can you tell me 10 things Trump and Pence have accomplished? Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune.

To my friends, former friends, frenemies, colleagues, and the voting public at large:

Just give me 10. 10 things that Donald Trump has accomplished in just under 4 years as President. Not four things you like about him. I don’t care that you think he says what he means, or that he doesn’t take any BS. Those are just personality traits.

No, I want you to stop what you are doing for a moment, stop sharing those pictures of American flags that you think make you a better patriot than me, or circulating bizarre and ridiculous conspiracy theories, and instead, give me a list of ten actual accomplishments of 45 months of Trump ascendency. And while you are at it, tell me why you like those accomplishments. Be specific, be factual, be credible.

What things don’t count as an accomplishment to me? Holding big rallies — that’s just entertainment. Attacking opposition politicians, other world leaders, and almost any female of power? Being a bully is a flaw, not an achievement. Trashing the Biden family while your family reaps millions from your presidency–that’s chutzpah, not progress. And falling in love with Kim Jong-un? Dennis Rodman’s been there, done that, first.

So please, give me 10 things the man has actually done! That’s less than 3 a year. Surely you can come up with them. If you think his biggest accomplishment is a few hundred miles of wall, fine, put that at the top of your list. If you think it is appointing judges you like, list that–but only once–you don’t get to list it separately for Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

Surely though, you can do better in your support of the man. After all, you must be able to show at least ten things that have advanced our country during the tenure of the caricature you so strongly, vociferously, unwaveringly, support.

If not–why would you vote for this man?


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