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Wouldn't This Taste Good? A Crocked-Up Success!

If you like Hungarian food, They have a goulash which is very good. Allan Sheman, Hungarian Goulash #5, 1963 Sometimes you still have to love the Internet. Our daughter Laury has been telling us for years how she uses her slow-cooker to make easy, tasty, dinners. Back-in-the-day when Barb and I were working long hours we would... Read more »

Boomer Rock and Roll Trivia -- Can YOU Answer the Question of the Day?

It’s Sunday. No politics for me today. A long time ago, i.e. before Covid, I could get my dose of rock’n’roll trivia listening to and participating in the “Three for Free” audio quiz from Lin Brehmer and Mary Dixon in the pre-dawn hours on WXRT. Those challenges are gone, with Mary now on WBEZ, and our best... Read more »

Trump Supporters: Drop and Give Me 10...if you can!

To my friends, former friends, frenemies, colleagues, and the voting public at large: Just give me 10. 10 things that Donald Trump has accomplished in just under 4 years as President. Not four things you like about him. I don’t care that you think he says what he means, or that he doesn’t take any BS.... Read more »

Knives, A Puff Of Smoke, and Me. What Could Go Wrong?

(Rated SG for Slightly Gross) Do you remember Friday afternoons when you were a kid in school? The teacher’s voice would drone on and on. The minute hand on the wall clock would move slower and slower. Time would freeze. You kept staring out the window, at the shining sun, at the park at the end... Read more »

Trump Endorses Universal Health Care Plan

Satire “I want to get for you what I got and I’m going to make it free. You’re not going to pay for it. ” With those words in yesterday’s Twitter video, President Donald Trump tacked a new direction as he at last revealed his health plan for America.  Mitch McConnell, in a follow-up interview, confirmed... Read more »

What A Wonderful World

                  I see trees of green Red roses too Bob Thiele and George David Weiss A perfect fall day, just before lunch. Last year I would have left the laboratory and driven to the fitness center where my running gear–shoes and shorts, water bottle and hat–were stashed.... Read more »

We Need to Laugh. Or at Least Crack a Smile

Who needs a good laugh? I know I do. The last few months feel like the end of the world (as we know it) but predictions of gloom and doom will only get you so far. We are humans. Sometimes we have to let off steam. What has made you giggle or guffaw through the... Read more »

The Car Wreck That Was Last Tuesday's Debate

I have been conflicted. Should I post about last Tuesday’s debate between President Trump and Vice-President Biden, or should I let more informed and more politically savvy writers carry the load? Barb was surprised that I didn’t have my two cents in print yesterday, and I am still not sure what I can say today. Barb... Read more »