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The Shumer-McConnell Telephone Call I Would Like To Hear

The phone call I would love to hear… Hello Mitch, did I wake you? Not at all Chuck. You know we are up at the crack of dawn here in Kentucky. Mountain men! How is the lad from New York doing today? Just fine Mitch, but I  have to ask you. Are you going to go... Read more »

In Surprise Move, Trump Nominates Self for Supreme Court Justice

SATIRE Washington, DC Acting just hours after the death of the beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Trump indicated that he would submit his own name to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as her replacement. In a rambling statement on the White House lawn, and responding to questions by reporters, Trump stated “I had... Read more »

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

  This indecision’s bugging me…The Clash I am standing at the service line, watching as my partner ranges to his right to go after a passing shot that has whizzed past my feebly outstretched racket. It is the first night of my tennis league, my indoor tennis league, and Month 6 of Life During COVID. And I... Read more »

Monday Morning 4 a.m. The Week Begins.

It is early Monday morning, an hour before my alarm will erupt. Lots of streams of (semi-) consciousness running through my head. It looks like our biennial lab accreditation inspection will be this Friday. Because of COVID the inspection is a scheduled affair this year–not the surprise drop-in it usually is. That relieves some uncertainty,... Read more »

The Speech Trump Should Have Given

February 8, 2020, Washington DC. My fellow Americans: I come to you today with the truth. America is under attack. The attacker is not your neighbor or my political foes. It is not China or Russia, South Korea or Iran. The attacker is a virus, tiny, insidious, and very hard to stop. But working together... Read more »

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

    Empty chairs at empty tables Where my friend will sing no more. Les Miserables Sometimes accidents happen. We really didn’t plan to do it, but when it hit us in the face, we just went ahead and did. Barb and I used to be semi-foodies. We never took pictures of our restaurant meals and... Read more »