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Trumpers Don't Need Truth

All lies and jests Still a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest Paul Simon I have a few conservative “friends” on Facebook. Craig is one of them, a guy I knew casually in high school.  Another is Martin, a naturalized American who was always a friendly guy in our weekly tennis league.  They were added... Read more »

You Trump's Have Got It Wrong. I'm Not sending You A Dime

  How did I get so lucky? Through no effort or fault of my own, I have earned a place on Donny Trump’s messaging list. How did I get here? I don’t think that I have signed into any Republican National Committee websites. I don’t think I have ever worn a MAGA hat or signed... Read more »

Some Songs of Chicago-The City, Not The Band

It’s getting old. We haven’t left the Chicago area since February–and no plans to go anywhere. So Chicago songs are in my head. I was going to list ten of them, but in the great Chicago tradition, my late grandmother voted for an eleventh. So in no particular order, here are The Les is More Sounds... Read more »

Here Is What It Takes To Make My Day

“Hi Dr. Raff, I look forward, and am hopeful for, another well-orchestrated roll-out, just as you did with the rectal culture workflow. Thank you for your professionalism and leadership! KC” Wow. It has been a tough few months for all of us. Pandemic, social unrest, product shortages, political nihilism. It’s not the best time to... Read more »

Trump Calls Harris Nasty--Nothing New Under the Sun

So now we know. Kamala Harris, Senator from California, will be Joe Biden’s running mate in the November election. And President Trump has wasted no time in bringing out the “nasty” adjective. That gives me an opportunity for me to resurrect a blog post from 2016 when Trump called Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.”... Read more »

TikTok Problem Solved. No, Not THAT TikTok

So many of you wrote in with your thoughts, suggestions, and tips in regards to that awful tick-tick-tick in our walls. Though all of your help is appreciated, none of you nailed the cause of the noise. It wasn’t bees, or raccoons, or birds in the venting. It wasn’t the house settling. And much to... Read more »