You Chose These As The Top Ten. And I Am Sure You Were Right.

Number 10 on our Top Ten List

Number 10 on our Top Ten List

Getting More From Les has passed another milestone. Yesterdays Tick Tick Tick was the 400th posting in ChicagoNow. It’s a good moment to look back over the past 100 blogs, and recap and update the 10 most widely read posts of that batch (yes, I do know how many readers there are, even if I don’t know who those readers might be.) As a frame of reference, the last 100 posts were all composed on or after May of 2019. Here we go!

Ten Most Read Posts from Getting More from Les (postings #301-#400)


10.  Hey James Holzhauer, I Lost on Jeopardy Too! The end of a champion’s reign. I’m afraid the day will come when I will be writing about another Jeopardy ending. I hope it is far in the future.

9. Happy Anniversary to Our Home on the Pond. Three years in our new forever home. It is really suiting us well during the pandemic.

8. Another PSA for P.S.A. My annual reminder to make sure the men in your life are prostate aware and having their blood tested for Prostate Specific Antigen. I worry that men are skipping their annual physicals now, and we will miss opportunities to make early diagnoses of prostate cancer.

7. We Need Good COVID Tests and Testing. A Pathologist’s View. Early on in the pandemic, I realized that we lacked sufficient rapid and testing for the  SARS-CoV-2 virus and its antibodies. That has not changed.

6. Did a Vegetarian Diet Cure Prostate Cancer? I Need More Evidence. I wasn’t buying it then, and I am not buying it now. But nothing wrong with reducing the number of animal products in our diet.

5. Goodbye to a Fellow Pathologist, and to Mary Dixon Too.  A bon voyage to a long time associate on his retirement, and a (brief) farewell to one of the morning voices on WXRT. George is now quarantining in his home, Mary is giving us the news on WBEZ. Good to hear her voice again.

4. Disasters are Not New. Why Does This One Feel So Different? A picture gallery appraisal of where we are, and where we have been.

3*.  Is Terry Boer’s Autobiography the Bore of a Lifetime? Although this post was 3rd most read post since May of 2019 it was actually published in 2018. You still search for it every time the former sports-talk host appears on the Score.

3. John Mulaney Says Middle-Aged Men Don’t Make Friends. OK, Boomer. A riff on Mulaney’s Saturday Night Live monologue, back when Saturday night was still Saturday night.

2. Is $23 Million CEO Compensation the Reason Your Hospital Bill is So High? A year-ago look at the effects of the merger of 2 hospital networks. And since COVID, consolidation in health care is predicted to increase at an even more rapid rate.

1.  Haiku for Our Time: COVID 19 Edition.  170 syllables about the pandemic, back when we had high hopes for a short lockdown and a rapid recovery.

Where will the next 100 posts take us? Who knows how the world will turn, but whatever happens I hope to be here writing about it. Please be with me reading about it.

For those wondering what was causing our wall ticking — look for the answer next week.

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