An Anti-Vax Facebook Post Drives Me Crazy--Here Is Why

Those needles look scary but they can save lives.

Those needles look scary but they can save lives.

Damn, it looks scary. The anti-vax Facebook post shows a baby doll with  20 or so needles sticking out of its arms and legs. Listed below the picture are 26 toxins, antibiotics,  pesticides, and other chemicals that are said to be ingredients of the vaccinations your child should receive by the time they are six years old. Wow, those needles must be sharp and the chemicals sound nasty: Formaldehyde and Borax and Sodium Hydroxide and Many More Awful Things. What could possibly tempt you to shoot those into your defenseless child’s body?

Now I’ve got a scarier list for you:

Hepatitis A and B
Whooping Cough
H. Flu
Pneumococcal Meningits and Pneumonia
German Measles
Chicken Pox

In case you haven’t figured it out, that’s the list of diseases that all those needles and vaccines protect your kids from. And in doing so, help protect your neighbor’s kids and your kid’s schoolmates. Protect you too…adult chickenpox is not a pretty sight. You do not want to catch it from your unvaccinated kid.

And don’t tell me that even unvaccinated your child would never get any of those diseases. Don’t say that nobody gets measles anymore. That’s like the old Yogi Berra non-sequiter “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” Kids normally don’t get measles because most kids are vaccinated. When vaccines rates go down, disease rates go up.

Sure. it would be great if we could produce immunity in our kids without injections, or if the injections and the few oral vaccines that are used were 100% chemical-free. But if you have been paying attention lately you know that vaccines are tough to create–and as we will see when a COVID vaccine is available, tough to manufacture and distribute. I’ll suffer a tiny drop of a preservative if it lets me hug my grandkids.

You may hate big pharma. You may admire the brave anti-vax stances of Robert Kennedy Jr, Kristin Cavallari, Robert DeNiro, and other celebrities. And you may think you are doing your child a service by not having them vaccinated. You are not! Now and forever, believe the science. You’ll be doing right by your kids, and doing right by all the rest of us, too.


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