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G Rated Limericks for an X-Rated COVID-19 Time.

    These limericks are all pure. It is the topic that is unfortunately obscene!   Dr. Fauci and Pritzker suggesting That my lab should be doing some testing But we can’t get machines By any old means I’m just worn out from all my requesting! The virtual meetings are endless While on transportation we spend less... Read more »

President Trump Disinfects America

  Dear President Trump, My name is Mary Louise Venter and I want to thank you for being the President of the United States in this terrible time. I have loved you ever since the first year of The Apprentice and I said to my husband Edgar then and there that you should be President.... Read more »

We Need Good COVID Tests and Testing. A Pathologist's View.

As a long-time practicing pathologist certified by the American Board of Pathology in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology and the current Medical Director of a large physician’s office laboratory, I have been intimately involved in introducing a variety of testing to patients throughout Chicagoland for the last 40 years. Usually, it is a slow, meticulous project. Decisions... Read more »

More Covid-19 Haiku For Today

As we struggle in our second month, the syllable count is not quite as precise as in the first edition. Just as life will never again be as smooth.   SPRING Though April is the cruelest month. We mustn’t become a wasteland Of hollow city streets. VACCINES Hope for tiny pinpricks To keep the viral bits at bay And pray... Read more »

Get Some Value From Your Coins. Here is How.*

See that shiny round thing at the top of the heap? That is a coin. A dime, to be precise. I accidentally came across one in my dresser drawer this morning, reaching around in the dark for my earbuds. It was the first coin I have touched since COVID-19. Heck, it is the first coin... Read more »

Was My Last Blog Too Authentic? I Hope the FBI Doesn't Think So!

When I was a straight-laced Board of Education President I would hear the Superintendant and Department Chairs talk at our monthly meetings about “authentic learning.” Everyone in the room seemed to get it, so I would put on a smile and nod my head and wonder what they were talking about. What makes something “authentic”?... Read more »

A List to Make You Cringe. There are No Winners Here.

Pedophilia. A criminal act that I do not endorse and not a usual blog topic. But sometimes my postings are born of strange circumstances. This is one of them. And here is how it came about. In a group email, Michael, a West Coast friend of mine whose business card reads “film critic, journalist, instructor” chided me about... Read more »

The Good or the Bad--Beatles or Broadway. A Choose Your Own Adventure. Part 2

Best Songs by the Solo Beatles, or Worst Theater Experiences. You Make the Choice. I wrote about my favorite theater experiences long ago. But sometimes writing “Best Of” lists get boring. Sometimes I’ve got to let the other flag fly. Can I remember my 10 worst theater experiences? Here’s a shot at it. ((Confession: although... Read more »

The Good or the Bad--Beatles or Broadway. A Choose Your Own Adventure. Part 1

Best Songs by the Solo Beatles, or Worst Theater Experiences. You Make the Choice. Things come together; things come apart. The most infamous break-up in the music world was the end of the Beatles. I know that I can’t pick any one song as my favorite Beatle hit, but can I pick a bestie from... Read more »

Three Family Heirlooms. It's The Little Things That Matter

With more time at home, there is more time to think about what makes a house a home. Yes we built this house and there are the fancy touches, the designer accents, the unique pieces that have caught Barb’s eye, and the few technical geegaws I try, often unsuccessfully, to operate (are you listening, Alexa?)... Read more »