Now We're 64!

early-couple-largeHi Babe,

We were in our 20’s when we first met. Barely in our 20’s. We were each 21, legal for most things, and pretty advanced in our education, but really just kids.

We were living in adjoining dorms, in a neighborhood where people just didn’t hang out for the weekend. Yet there we both were, for reasons of our own, in the TV lounge on a Friday night in the winter of 1977. A holocaust denier was on the tube, leaving many of us aghast. Someone (was it Jeri?) introduced us and we talked a bit. The conversation had more gaps than a Nixon Watergate tape, but we still must have hit it off. A few weeks later we were dating–an ancient courting ritual that no longer seems to be practiced.

Remember our first date; watching a polo match at the old Chicago Armory? “What does someone wear to a polo match?” you asked your roommate. No more polo after that, even while Ralph Lauren’s horsey emblem became a staple in my wardrobe. On the other hand, we ended the evening with pizza at Gino’s East, something we would do on every anniversary for years to come.

By 22 we were married, and you dragged me kicking and screaming to the suburbs. Our first landlord interviewed me at a table by the backyard pool, a pseudo-Mafioso who wanted to know if I had the right stuff. He felt no need to interview you; women did what they were told. We stayed there a year. We made a few moves after that, but never again to a place with a swimming pool–or a gangster wannabe.

By the time our early 30’s rolled around we were mother and father of 2, but you no longer had either of your parents. Your mom’s most memorable words to me? “Barb can do anything.” She and your dad raised you that way.

The rest of our 30’s and all of our 40’s raced by–raising the kids and sending them off to college, our careers, the Women’s Board and the School Board. You were there for me when Mom had her terrible accident and when Dad passed away. And together we witnessed the tragedy of my sister’s fight with cancer.

Our fifties and early sixties (the new 30’s, right?) began with my move to UroPartners and sped on from there. We have enjoyed incredible travel around the world, incredible weddings for our kids and their wonderful spouses, and an incredible new house (Ok, I admit that the process of building that house was less than incredible. More like a nightmare. Blogs available on request.) And then we arrived at the best of all, becoming Nana and Baba. We have enjoyed our grandchildren’s first smiles, first laughs, first steps. And best of all, we can always give them back to their parents!

As of my birthday yesterday, we are both 64. Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? I hope so, ’cause much of the best is still to come.

Loving you for all your years,


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