Happy Anniversary To Our Home On The Pond

Early morning in the kitchen.

Early morning in the kitchen.

Three years ago today, January 17, 2017, we moved into our new home.

Our financing was going to blow up after the 17th, so that was the deadline we set for the builder. Get us in by that date OR ELSE. They hustled the last few details, got us a temporary occupancy permit from the village (it helped that the town mayor lived a few doors down) and on that crisp winter day, we made the move. We never did figure out exactly what our “or else” would have been!

As with any new house, and especially with any new construction, there were “issues” to be worked out over the first few months after we moved in. Some were construction-related (resolved), some were more financial (never resolved). But spring came, our swans Harvey and Sheila reappeared on our pond, and we began to meet more of our neighbors. It took a while, but even Barb began to feel that this was home.

For me, this has been where I wanted to be right from the start. It has met our main objectives: downsized (slightly), closer to the I-294 (greatly), and with a first-floor master bedroom (joyously). We have the kitchen that almost mirrors the perfect kitchen in the old place, enough of an open concept that we were able to get everyone onto one long table for the family Seder, and the comfy-cozy office, which to my surprise is where Barb and I spend most of our time, streaming “The Crown” and “Ozark” while Barb needle-points and solves tough Sudoku and I blog and swear over challenging crossword puzzles. Yes, we are multitaskers.

There have been lots of good times here already. We have opened our home to celebrate Passovers and Father’s Days and New Year’s Eve. We inaugurated our annual Family Christmas Eve-Christmas Day Sleepover, have played round after round of Mahjong and served lots of chili con carne.

Sadly, this is also the home where we said goodbye to our beloved Max, who never quite adjusted to the move. His paw print memorial reminds us of how big and wonderful he was. And the place may not be the best investment we have ever made, but in this market, who still thinks of their home as an investment?

Barb has made her mark on the entire community. Her diligence on the Home Owners Association Board has brought beautification, safety and a sign for the times. I have been more in the background, an observer and a commentator.

So a toast to our home, our neighbors, our neighborhood. We hope you are as happy to have us as we are to have you. OR ELSE!


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  • Ted--Barb is the one who named the swans--but she knows my record collection!

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